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Hi guys! This is my first time opening a thread on the website,so please be considerate with me if I happen to make a mistake.

I have a 5-6-month old website,and I would like to earn some income. I use a combination of Clickbank and Adsense with some shareasale.com affiliate marketing, but it does not seem to bring any results.

I created the website on my own,I write content on my own,and I slowly start filling it up with content.I have more than 45 posts already,although almost virtually no Facebook fans or relevant visitors.I usually get 60-100 visitors a day(in best case scenario).

Any ideas for improvements?I would appreciate every single input!Thanks guys!You rock!

My website is at Bodybuilder SupplementZ | A Magazine for True Bodybuilders
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    You might need more social proof. Try sharing content on niche-specific forums. Don't do drive-by spamming though. Actually foster real conversations.
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      Thanks.Will do.

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        Your site looks good. Clean, easy to read. I am not in this market so I don't know all that much about it, but my question would be what is it that makes your site and tips and advice unique so that you can build up that long term relationship.

        I absolutely believe this can be done. My son is a bodybuilder and he invented a persona for himself and told his back story from that point of view. As an archetype he used a version of good old boy done good.

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          Hello Michael,

          Thanks for your response. What makes my website unique is that I keep a very friendly conversational style to convey very important data in relation to bodybuilding,nutrition and fitness.Bodybuilding.com and other similar websites are just too crowded, and they are trying to do too many things at the same time. They have so many options that the user tends to get lost in them by finally ending up learning nothing.

          The framework I use on this website makes it easier to learn.I also feature product reivews which I wrote myself after the prudcts have been tested.These reviews are not company-generated but they are my own opinions and recollections of the efficiency and practicality of these protein powders,vitamins and alike.

          Besides that,I have a hard time distinguishing myself from other competitors.I know I need to find something that makes me unique,but for starters,I just wanted to share the things I have learned over the years with others.Hopefully,that unique touch will come along the way.

          This is why I need help from honest people like you.

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            It might be enough to be honest with them, that certainly is the kind of person I would want to have advice from, especially in an area that is so important.

            I think you site looks great and I believe that your natural personality will shine through and attract the people who are looking for honest help and advice.

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              Thank you,Mike!

              You have no idea how great it is to hear such positive thoughts,especially because I have spent so much time creating and making the website.

              Thanks for your inspiring words.

              Wish you all the best,


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    Nice design, site looks good. You are already getting visitors, so that's awesome. Two things that come to mind, which basically apply to any magazine-style website in 2015:

    You mentioned that you write all content yourself. Consider including some 'curated' content from personal authority fitness blogs and building relationships with them. The internet doesn't need more information, everything about fitness has been said already a million times and 'writing unique content' gets less and less valuable in today's world. Almost none of the top 500 sites in the world produce their own content, they organize content that already exists in one place. Don't focus too much on SEO, it should be 50% or less of your focus.

    Your website lack that 'pull factor' a bit. It has generic, informational articles that have already been talked about on every fitness site and don't have captivating titles.

    OTOH if you have articles like 'How I added 30 pounds of muscle in 6 months with only two body-weight exercises I did at home' and sensational-sounding ones like 'Those two guys consume a 10,000 calories cheat meal after their workout. Here's why you should consider doing the same.' There's this 'pull-factor', where everyone visiting the site is like 'Wow interesting' and they click through and through.

    Putting articles like "Benefits of carrots" and "Is cardio effective for weight loss" is a huge waste of time, unless you have a concrete purpose in doing it (dropping relevant link in a forum thread where everyone is talking about this). Noone will read those types of articles and if they do it will be on authoritative sites like webmd, not on a site with 20 fb likes (maybe buy some). It doesn't matter if the article is awesome, written by the world expert on carrots and cardio, noone cares.

    Also, the money is in the subscribers, not in the visitors (you dont even have an optin). Plenty of people with a ton of traffic but making no money and complaining that they got on the front page of reddit, got 300k visitors but only made $5 with adsense. If you have 10k e-mail subscribers you're set. If you're site is not captivating (like i talked above), you can get million visitors today and tomorrow youll be back to 100.

    You can get a ton of fitness traffic from pinterest, I have a site that still makes $200/month from a single pin I posted like two years ago, it promotes a cleansing e-book. Stupid and obviously ineffective easy stuff to lose weight works great there, "The amazing weight loss power of lemon and honey water" and gets repinned a lot. It's a huge community of idiot, but high-income old ladies.

    Get on bodybuilding.com and post links after you are green and have lots of posts, etc. careful with the misc

    Tons of things to do, writing unique content and getting traffic from gogle is not a good strategy, it will get you to a certain point but itwill be an uphill battle and eventually you roll back down. Even a huge site, like livestrong.com with generic articles, depending on seo will lose 95% of it's traffic if it disappears from google.

    Otherwise, great site overall, but you need more controversy, real-life examples and sensational stuff.
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      Hi xrcv.

      Thank you very much for your constructive criticism.I really needed this kind of approach.When you say curated content,do you mean guest posting or making connections with websites so that they would allow me to publish their content/articles?If this is not what you mean,then would you elaborate on that for me?

      As for the pull factor,you are absolutely right.I have been trying to find a way to make myself unique in what I do.Mostly,I try to find interesting topics and write articles about them that not too many websites seem to write about,or if they do,they just tell their own stories with a bad storytelling. Do you have any advice with regards to increasing the pull factor?

      Thank you very much for your input!

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    Web critiques belong in the Web Design forum.
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      I see this issue in almost every one of these review sites. Spend the time to review SUCKY products. If every product you review is good and great, and there is no wrong, then you are no longer giving a review... you are sucking up and selling. It becomes transparent, that this is what you are doing.

      Look at your vitamin section as an example. You me and the walls KNOW you are not taking all of these. IF it is that obvious, what are your readers thinking? Your readers are going to your site to gain insight on a product they are interested in and wanting to know more about, and you are feeding them a line of bull in an attempt to make a dollar.

      Don't get me wrong here... Im with you.. out to make a dollar. Sure I sell stuff I have never taken or done or used. Sure I write reviews that I have read 30 different reviews of other peoples and spun them into my own words. But I lay out the good the bad and the ugly.

      People come to my pages and read a review of an item that I say sucks.. what do they do? they start looking for the item that I have a favorable review for. What have I just done? I have created that bond with the end users that now thinks I am not some schmo out there trying to sell them something, and they "believe" I am being honest and truthful in my words. They then start looking at my "reviews" as recommendations. THIS is the turning point from getting traffic to getting sales!

      Hope that Helps!
      Success is an ACT not an idea
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        Thanks for your response savidge,

        Your belief that I have not tried these products is wrong.Why do you think I have only 6 product reviews over a period of 6 months? Because it takes time to make them.They are not copy-pasted or anything,so your reflection of me is invalid.But I appreciate your input!

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