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Hi marketers, I just purchased Optimize Press last night and I was able to set up my squeezed page as desire. I like it so far! It still need a bit more tweak. My squeezed page is set to static page so for example http://www.mydomain.com would be my squeezed page.

At the same time I am thinking about blogging as well, and Optimize Press has 3 really good blog templates that I can do this. Should I buy another domain specifically made for blogging? I still have 2 Unregistered API Keys left. Or, should I create a sub domain for blogging instead? So for instance myblog.mydomain.com. I'm not sure which route to take that is most convenient for me. Does it seem right to create a sub domain for blogging? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciate.

P.S I should have wrote this in the other section.

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