How do I change the font in Wordpress?

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I have just started using wordpress 2.8 and changed the theme to something thats suitable for my niche. However when I write a post and view it, I find the font to small. I understand it's best to change it in the Stylesheet (not sure how to do this), I would prefer if all my posts were in Verdana at around 12pts, please could someone help?
By the way does anyone use FCKEditor plugin for wordpress, what do you think of it?
Many thanks
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    You're right it's in the style sheet. Just open style.css in a text editor like notepad and edit the font property in the body element. The body element will look something like this:
    body {font: 12px arial,verdana,sans-serif;  padding: 0px;  margin: 0px;  background:#000000;}
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      Hi benz,
      Thanks for such a speedy reply, sorry for my ignorance but is it best to edit the style.css in wordpress or open the file in FTP?
      When I look at the file I have the below text
      /* Begin Typography & Colors */
      body {
          font-size: 62.5%; /* Resets 1em to 10px */
          font-family: Verdana, Arial, Sans-Serif;
      Do I change the 62.5% or the 10px?
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        Please can anyone help with this one, I would be very grateful?
        Many thanks.
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          For now I have changed the font size from 62.5% to 65% in the Appearance Editor in Wordpress. It seems to have increased the size of the font in Firefox and IE when the post is viewed. Not sure what 65% equates to in pts.
          Can anyone let me know the difference between editing the script in Wordpress rather than the files themselves on FTP?
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    Hi there,

    By editing the files in the appearance editor you're simply accessing the files via a different route.

    I usually edit my WP files in my hosting provider's File Manager app - again, they're the same files but I'm just accessing them via a different route.

    If you need more clarifications let me know!


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    If you mess around with too many fonts and sizes
    at the same time it will look messy and amateurish.
    Just a tip from me.
    One font and 2-3 sizes of that font should cover it.
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    Accessing your files through a browser (whether its the WP admin or your hosting file manager) is quick and to the point but theres no undo so if you mess up the code you have to know enough to write it back. So for a font change maybe but don't get in the habit. Cuteftp among others has a built in editor.
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      Thank you for all your advice.
      One tip I have just read is if you change your file via FTP, create a copy of that file before you make any changes.
      Much appreciated guys.
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    Thank you very much for this information.

    I will certainly use this as well,as all my blogs allowed me to set a font in Word, and then I copied and pasted to Wordpress, and the font remained the same.

    Now, with 2.8, that is not the case, and I will change it in the style.css area.

    Thank you.

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