How to Choose the Right Web Hosting?

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The following infographic is an informative guide, if you are looking for a web host for the first time. It should be a good help.

By getting the answers to these 15 questions in the following infographic, you should get a clear picture of what you need, you will receive, what the provider offers long term, how they treat their customers, and if they are an organization you can trust and truly want to work with.

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    Good guide for beginners...
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    Yeap really helpful and important to know.
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    Good infographic. I think number 5 is especially important for websites which are planning to scale up quickly.
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      Great Infographic, which will make clear all doubts while purchasing the best web hosting.
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    Great Infographic! This is perfect for a newbie who is venturing out on their own. Keeping the newbie in mind, number 3 would be the most important, as they will probably need quite a bit of support at the beginning.

    I have been on the Internet since 1999. I'm here to share what I have learned about online marketing, web design and SEO strategies.

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    Very informative infograph. basically your web hosting plan success depends on your web hosting company. it is also important to ensure that they provide quality services in all segments. I had very good experience with Godaddy regarding server speed. After that I switched to Bigrock and Bluehost India. I am currently using both. They both are superb with very good sever up time.
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    Big much appreciated! Very useful and lot of information, very detailed and easy to understand
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    Great effort, great info graphic... Thanks for telling this complicated topic very easily

    Enjoy your Holidays with Maximum .. we offers best Software development company in dubai and Qatar,
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    Great Job..Really Informative and very helpful for newbie Designer and blogger.
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    any suggestion for cloud hosting servers ?
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    Any suggestion for cloud hosting?
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    Here are five important purchasing tips which anyone can refer to when choosing the best web hosting provider for themselves.

    a. Free or paid - Theoretically, at the first look of it, it is in fact very attractive to sign up for the free web hosting service which is offered free to its users. However one need to be aware that the number of choices provided by the free web hosting provider is very restricted.

    b. Research the client satisfaction price - Easier said than done, supporting a high customer satisfaction rate is very difficult.

    c. Refer to the customer reviews distributed by some of the web users- Of course one does not require to blindly agree to what are suggested and recommend on, rather refer to these inputs and discussing as useful guidelines when you want to rank your web hosting providers.

    d. Financial stability - Examine if the web hosting firm had experienced any financial problems before and find out what had been done to solve its financial difficulties back then.

    e. Security functions - Security is one of the key factor which is very prioritized by the society today because more and more individuals came to notice that without the proper security control, regardless how flexible or how much bandwidth they have, their website is very much at the risk of losing all these advantages.
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    Superb Infographics, every point is really nice and useful to start-up, especially I like 12 point it's very important.
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