Why is a mobile-friendly website important?

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Why is a mobile-friendly website important for ecommerce business?
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    Because in the early 2014 this happened:
    "Mobile Exceeds PC Internet Usage for First Time in History"

    I believe this is as self explanatory as it can be. But if you want some more details have a look at this post here and you will find a much more comprehensive answer.

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    It's quite simple:

    Your potential customers are shopping using their phones at a very high rate.

    So if your website is not Mobile Friendly you won't get their business.
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    A good mobile website can help you get tons of sales because most consumers buy products on their cell phones. However, the sales page must include the most important web design elements.

    Learn more about web design at http://mooredesignstore.com.

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      All website owners should pay attention to this matter. Because Google is clearly marked as "experimental" factors of websites on mobile devices come to think of ranking search results.
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    SEO is just one of the many reasons why you need a mobile optimized site. When Google has also found out that majority of its users are browsing websites on their mobile devices (phones and tablets), you have to make sure that you cater your web design to these people so that you can also make them your customers.
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  • First and foremost a responsive site is required for user experience. Depending on whose stats you read, mobile web surfing is 40% to 65%. Secondly and about as important, Google will give a search penalty for sites that are not mobile optimized. Here is Google's official word on the subject. Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Finding more mobile-friendly search results

    You can run your pages through Google's Mobile-Friendly Test to see if your side passes.

    Google recommends responsive design https://developers.google.com/webmas...t-config?hl=en

    Hope this helps
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    There are no. of reason why Mobile Friendly Website is Important.
    1. Improved Mobile search Ranking.
    2. Better User Experience
    3. Quicker Speed
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    because more and more people are using their mobile devices in their free time and are more likely to shop when using their mobile.
    I guess the mobile app is important too.

    “Watch your thoughts, they become words;
    watch your words, they become actions;
    watch your actions, they become habits;
    watch your habits, they become character;
    watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.” F.O.

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      I've had some very high volume content sites that you could reliably watch the user behavior as the day went on, completely matching it up with work / off work / bed. In the morning and work day, desktop had a slight advantage over mobile. In the afternoon mobile would creep up and be the bulk of the traffic. Towards couch / bed time, tablets would come in towards 10 - 15%.

      Moral of the story: Mobile is extremely important, including tablets. Assume 60% of your visitors are on their phones.

      Enjoying being a part of the WarriorForum Community. Check out my entrepreneur's blog at: StartupStud.com.

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    Most of the browsing happens through mobile phone, and it is still increasing. People spend too much of time with their smartphones, and nowadays shopping do through mobile phones. So it is very important your e-commerce website should be mobile friendly. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you will lose your customer
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    It's mandatory that every website should be mobile friendly as per the Google's new Mobile friendly age. Mobilegeddon. To give a good user experience it becomes very important to make website mobile friendly because maximum users access internet on their mobile phones then computer systems.
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    Mobile friendly website is very important for Ecommerce business today. Most of the browsing today happens through phone and will continue to rise. If you look around you will hardly find people owning personal laptops. The trend is to either buy a tab or suffice with smart phone. Mobile friendly website will easily give all access to your audience easily.
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    No offence, but I think that is a little bit silly question. People spend hours on their phones, they use it for almost everything it can be used for. Most of the entries to the websites are now made from mobile devices. That is why a website should be mobile friendly. If it doesn't open in the right way, the potential customer will abandon it and go somewhere else. It's that simple.
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    Its very much simple and common reason is mobile user are increasing at rapid rate and they need to buy things from wherever they are with mobile.
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    Simple answer. Maximum people comes from Tab,Mobile.
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    If you may have missed it, we are in the mobile age. If you're interested in facts, read some of the above posts, or read The Mobile Technology Fact Sheet, by the Pew Research Center. If you're not into facts, you don't have to do anything else other than watch people at you favorite bar, restaurant or coffee shop to see that most people are engaged with their mobile device.

    I have been on the Internet since 1999. I'm here to share what I have learned about online marketing, web design and SEO strategies.

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    Easy. Take a look around. On the streets, in the bus, in the car, at the bank, in the store, in your house. Where are all the eyeballs glued to? Majority of the time is Mobile phones.

    Where the eyeballs go, you must follow or perish.

    Heard that one from Gary Vaynerchuck, along those lines and gosh darn it, he's right!

    Just sharing,

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  • On April 21, 2015, Google announced that it would begin using mobile-friendly sites as a ranking signal.
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    Its because people who do ecommerce mostly use phones and also usage of mobile phone has been increased in high scale. If it is available as mobile version, it is easier to use in phone.
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    More than 5o% visitors search over the internet via Tablets or mobile phones. So it is important to make your website responsive to get maximum visitors.
    I can fix website issues only $5
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    This is so much important because now this time everyone use Android mobile so this reason web-developer should all website mobile friendly.
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    Improved mobile search rankings: Google's new update has begun to penalize sites that aren't mobile-friendly by boosting the mobile rankings of mobile-friendly website. If you want to be found in mobile search results, now is the time to update your website.

    Better user experience: Even if you don't think mobile searches are important, a non mobile-friendly site can lead to a less than stellar experience for both current and potential patients.

    Quicker speeds: If your site isn't optimized for mobile use, it can load slowly and may even drive people away. A mobile-friendly site will offer a much faster option for viewers.
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    Because everyone likes to quickly view something on their mobile phone, or do stuff while outside. Mobile friendliness is top priority.
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    In today s market place the mobile device is the sun and the rest of the world revolves round the mobile sun.
    Google now has now given the mobile optimised website priority and its now an important part of the Google algorithm

    Mobile is here and its here to stay

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    Originally Posted by davidmillernyc View Post

    Why is a mobile-friendly website important for ecommerce business?
    Because of 2 reasons:

    1) With more and more users getting access to mobile internet, mobile shopping has become extremely popular among the online shoppers. The shopping behavior has changes and people shop on the go. So, it's important that your site is mobile-friendly (responsive). This will make your online store user-friendly for the shoppers and will reduce the bounce rate.

    2) Secondly, with Google's new algorithmic changes, it has become imperative that your site is responsive that is mobile friendly. Or Google will push your site down the SERP (search engine result page). According to Google, this is done to enhance user experience for the mobile users.
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    Mobile is the only(i would say the most comfortable gadget)which always connects you to the world where ever you go,Google is prioritizing mobile-optimized websites in search results on smartphones, boosting sites that are mobile-friendly (e.g., loads quickly on devices, has responsive design, etc.) and demoting those that aren't. Sites that may have been on the front page of a search word may be pushed several links down on the page—if not pushed off the front page entirely.

    As statistically it shows that 184 million people own smartphones and Google Search is the fourth most popular app used on said phones.so the stats itself shows how much it's necessary to create a site which is mobile friendly.

    To know more or if you need any sorts of help
    E-mail : s.m.asif@zestapps.com

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    Yes, Mobile friendly website is best for eCommerce business, because people always use mobile gadget.
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    When a website is mobile friendly the experience will be different and much easier for the user... Content, Navigation, Layout. If a site isn't mobile friendly it's normally a big pain for mobile users.
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    now days number of mobile user are maximum compare to any other devices. in average every people have at least 2 or 3 mobile phones so if we made mobile friendly website than the number of visitor for any website will be more.
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    On April 21st, Google began rolling out a major algorithm update that will have a significant impact on mobile search results.
    Improved mobile search rankings.
    Better user experience
    Quicker speeds.
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    Responsive sites are must these days even google rank responsive sites higher.You would surely want to cater increasing mobile traffic and the best way to do is go responsive.
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      It is true that google wants responsive design website otherwise google restrict your web site and downs your keyword position. Through the responsive web design you can make highest traffic to particular web site.
      Providing PSD Design Service
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    Gary Vaynerchuk in one of his Ted talks or You Tube Video, spoke about all you need to do is look around and where do you see people's eyeballs glued to? Their mobile phones!!

    So where should we be?

    That is on the ground research and cab definitely be confirmed by you.

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    More than half of total searches on different search engines are coming from hand hold devices. Including mobiles, smartphones, tablets, macbook etc. In this scenario if a website is not mobile friendly then it is already losing half opportunities of traffic and sales.

    Another reason is that, Google Mobilegeddon update is live and those website which are not mobile friendly they have to lose their ranking position in SERP.
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    Now most of the people use the internet on mobile devices. Therefore, if your website is not mobile friendly you will not be able to reach those users in the right way on mobile devices.

    Google already announced mobile friendly algorithm in 21st April, 2015. According to it, if your website is not mobile friendly (responsive) then it would affect both traffic & ranking. A mobile friendly website increases the traffic graph because most users buy things/product through mobile devices. If your website does not open properly on their mobile then they would probably ignore it.
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    I agree with most of the people on this thread.It is pretty self-explanatory. Nowadays, you'll seldom see a person without his/her gadget/s. It's easy to check almost anything on your mobile device, from movie reviews to paying bills. So, it is definitely a must to have a mobile-friendly website.
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    After the April 21 update by Google, the main topic of this year will be a complete transition and adaptation of blogs and company websites for mobile devices. The mobile device market is rapidly transforming and search engines have begun creating into new mobile services. Mobile friendliness as a ranking factor in Google algorithm is a justification of this fact. With the help of the Mobile friendly test from Google, you can now check your website for mobile device compatibility.
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      Because it's friendly towards mobile users and chances are, you'll want to make friends with them since they make up a large chunk of the Internet user demographic.

      Fortunately with the vast array of responsive Wordpress theme at out disposal, setup is often a breeze.

      Keep it cracking!
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    You have to make your website mobile friendly if you don't want to lose your potential clients or customers.
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    A mobile-friendly site should be designed specifically for smaller screens, allowing easy navigation via larger touch-screen buttons, and only display relevant information and content for the users’ needs. That's why it is important.
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    A good mobile friendly ecommerce website is useful to access your website any time anywhere... !!!
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    If you not optimized website mobile friendly then you ultimately losing your business. Mobile friendly sites helps to increase traffic on your site, better brand management, increased conversion, reduce bounce rate.
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    Originally Posted by davidmillernyc View Post

    Why is a mobile-friendly website important for ecommerce business?
    Hello, it is a good way to hight your traffic and develop your business! Also, it is more easy to share with all your new events!
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    It is also good to remember that often depending on the nature of a site people may find your site on there phone then use it on their home computer. A good example if you have a travel website no one is going to plan out and do research on their phone for a vacation to Europe however they may search for a good website to use once they get home.
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      Because in 2016 mobile users have exceeded desktop users. People are now browsing from their mobile more than ever. I think i have red a stat saying that in 2016 mobile users were 60% compared to 40% desktop users.
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  • Originally Posted by davidmillernyc View Post

    Why is a mobile-friendly website important for ecommerce business?
    More and more people are browsing the internet using mobile devices now a days. So, a good portion of your customers will be browsing from mobile devices, too. If your website isn't mobile friendly, it is possible that the user may lose interest in browsing your site and leave. In the process, you will lose a potential customer.

    Besides, search engines like google prefer sites to be mobile friendly. So, it helps getting a higher SEO ranking.
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    An optimized, mobile-friendly and reliable website provides the better user experience which leads to improve conversion rate with increase in sales.
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    Because of this Google latest algorithm "Mobilegeddon"
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      Because google want it and also it s good for mobile users to can view better the webpages
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    No one can deny the importance of a mobile-friendly website. As you can see, the number of mobile users nowadays is increasing day by day. Most of their demand for new information, or connecting with others is met with just a mobile phone. So if you own an ecommerce website and want to earn high customer engagement, then you should really invest much in your website to make it more mobile-friendly to rock your sales.
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    because now a days more people accessing the web on their mobiles, smart phones and touch pads.so mobile friendly website is beneficial for your Business.

    For Website and Graphic Design service I am available.

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  • Mobile friendly websites are important because majority of the people use mobile to browse the internet so having a website that mobile friendly can give your website high traffic and visits through mobile. If your a e-commerce website, that is were most of your potential prospects are.
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    Nowadays large number of people use mobile phone so you need to optimize a website for mobile in the competition world you need to differentiate your competitor you have mobile friendly website the importance of the mobile friendly site listed below improve search visibility,user experience,lead generation,brand identity.
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    Because google will penalize if you're website is not mobile optimized. It’s true, and there’s a reason for that. Google recognizes that you don’t need a computer to surf the Internet. Many sites, however, still use content, images, and navigation structures that just don’t work well on mobile devices.
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    With more and more visitors accessing your company website on mobile devices, it is important to make sure that all of your visitors have a positive experience, regardless of what type of device they're using to get there. If your website takes too long to download, or is not easy to use on a mobile device, they may move along to a competitor. Having a mobile-friendly website brings with it several key advantages, including:
    - Improved search visibility
    - Improved user experience
    - Increased lead generation
    - Improved brand identity
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    It is very important these days as there are more and more mobile devices on the market and surfing from your phone or tablet is a common thing. You can read some nice articles about mobile-friendly websites at MonsterPost blog (http://www.templatemonster.com/blog/...endly-website/). It is very interesting indeed
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    Ecommerce website design should focus on mobile friendly user experiences because mobile accounts for 50.3% of all ecommerce traffic. Mobile commerce will hit 20.6 % of overall ecommerce equaling $79 billion in sales this year and is expected to approach 45% of total commerce, equally $284 billion in sales by 2020. These trends are impossible to ignore. As consumers spend more time on their phones, there will be more opportunities for retailers to create buying opportunities by orchestrating incredible shopping experiences through mobile friendly ecommerce websites.
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    Here is my opinion:
    1. With mobile-friendly web, your website will be on top google search rather than other non-mobile-friendly website.
    2. Your website will be more friendly with all Smartphone. From there, you will sell more products/service.
    3. It make your website more easier reading and visitor can be there longer.
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    When your website performs high and loads fast in all type of devices connected to the internet, there is a high likelihood of higher conversion.
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    Why Do You Need Mobile Apps and Mobile Friendly Website

    In the technological era we are living in, businesses need to adopt any marketing strategy that increases their customers and sales.

    The use of mobile devices is on the rise and this has given birth to a whole range of mobile applications.

    Mobile apps are software programs geared towards making life easy for mobile device users.

    This has changed the lives of people, as well as the way business is conducted across all industries.

    The best part about mobile apps is that they are affordable, which puts them within reach of small businesses.

    The use of mobile apps reduces advertising costs considerably as you will not need to use conventional methods as much when you can reach your targeted customers directly.

    Since people always carry their phones with them, it means that they can access information on your products and services wherever they are.

    A great mobile app will create a buzz around your business and soon everyone will want to download it on their smartphones to see what the fuss is about.

    Over time, a lot of people will have your app and you will have a strong audience to market your products and services to.

    For this to happen, you will have to make the mobile application attractive and interesting.

    When it comes to mobile, people like exciting things, so make sure their attention is not disrupted by boredom.

    To start, you should work with experienced software developers who can create a mobile app specifically meant for your business' customers with your products and services in mind.

    People have no time to surf through the internet looking for business' websites and will be interested in mobile apps which are fast and direct.

    As a local business owner, you should take advantage of mobile apps to increase customer contact and ultimately increase sales.

    Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website

    There are a lot of benefits to enjoy when you have a mobile-friendly website for your business, but numbers can explain this better.

    There are more than 125 billion sites on the internet with only a little above 10 million being mobile-friendly.

    This means that mobile websites are not yet fully utilized by businesses, but they need them in order to reach a large portion of their target audience.

    Most people use mobile phones to surf the internet today, so there is a need to exploit this area to maximize profits while keeping expenses low.

    In recent times, local searches have increased substantially with estimates for 2012 being 3.5 billion.

    Due to the fact that mobile phones play a huge role in local searches, your website must be able to handle mobile traffic effectively.

    Google has reported a significant increase in mobile phone searches over the next three years and beyond as more and more people purchase mobile phones.

    Why are mobile websites important? If you have a normal website, users with smart phones will be able to access your site.

    However, due to the small size of the phone screen, they have to make some adjustments to be able to view the information.

    The adjustments involve expanding the phone screen which results in a lot of scrolling and difficulty in navigation.

    A mobile-friendly website, on the other hand, is easy to navigate, which helps your visitors easily find what they need.

    Mobile sites usually have 3 to 5 pages, which contain crucial information that your mobile subscribers would be looking for, such as your contact phone number or directions to your establishment.

    Having a mobile website for your business is crucial in today's digital age.

    If people are using mobile phones to browse the internet, then you need to take your business to them via the devices they use and carry most of the time.

    Avoid Visitor Frustration with a Mobile-Friendly Website

    All of your customers have probably gone mobile, so why shouldn't you?

    Most people use their mobile phones for a number of things; more importantly, a large number of consumers are using their mobile devices to search for local products, services, and businesses.

    But what happens when they arrive at your website on their mobile devices? Are they presented with a smooth, easy-to-use website or a slow, stubborn turn-off?

    Traditional websites are not built to show up properly on mobile devices due to their smaller screen sizes.

    Therefore, it is crucial that you have a mobile-friendly version of your website available for the massive number of mobile users who may need to access it.

    Without a mobile-friendly website, you leave your mobile visitors feeling frustrated as they wait forever for your site to fully load on their phones.

    Even worse, when it does eventually load, they have trouble finding what they need.

    Most mobile phone users will only wait 5 seconds for a site to load before moving on to a direct competitor's site.

    Usually, whoever has the faster, cleaner website wins the business.

    With a mobile-friendly website, your visitors will be more likely to easily find your business information while out on the go.

    Mobile websites can ensure that you are providing a positive website viewing experience, which will ultimately lead to more sales and revenue.

    Therefore, you must do everything in your power to make sure they can quickly find what they need when visiting your site from their mobile devices.

    In this mobile phone dependent world, a business without a mobile website is a decade behind.

    However, this can easily be fixed. Otherwise, you will continue to miss out on potential profits while your competitors soak up your share of this mobile-dependent market.
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    According to the marketing company Merkle/RKG, 29% of the top 500 retail companies and almost 50% of the Fortune 500 companies do not have mobile friendly websites. So this update has the potential to cause a big upset in the world of e-commerce.
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    The mobile friendly site are important smartphone become affordable,half of the people go mobile for online,inexpensive one,mobile friendly website also improve the SEO,2D bar code,better user experience.
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    Originally Posted by davidmillernyc View Post

    Why is a mobile-friendly website important for ecommerce business?
    Most of the people are using Mobile to buy online products ; it will be more comfortable and easy ; so they will need mobile friendly website .
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