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I'm in a bit of a jam and hopefully someone here can help. There is a WP blog I set up that has a very unique theme. It's all about a college art teacher that has students from all over the world exchanging art about the polluted rivers of the world.

I made her a video and set up the site and everything is cool.

The next thing I know a lot of people are interested in the site and I was slow in putting the google analytics on the site. So I go to check out the code in the footer editor where I usually place the GA code before </body> tag and there's this bunch of code like this:

/YGNPG5pV2RRt+ovJZY+hlg4Jlh6XNN4pUKr9JAqAnBveB2L/W0xobdb3Z8aCOrHOXkm3/lcuTI0UUeX3TDEwhPh/GFEfVAZa9mPUw+ZpbfRwzoBWnmZaWrKPUGndT2tuiNjuhZGIdH kDTqvqfVSG1Mq3gwt/wCjbbObsmZ2MFVv5ABUrutb9ur5YdZdgRY1RFnMK+vCFvhOZF3 2QenyCeNvyAI2r/z9zsSCf7gDgDBmvrPP//1O//+x1///fOv/wM='))); ?>

So I put it at the bottom anyway but as of this a.m. google is not seeing it or saying it is installed.

Any ideas out there?

I checked out the other editors also, I looked at the site in Firebug and could see the /body tag but couldn't tell where it was or how to get to it.

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    i have had that problem in the past and was only able to fix it by downloading the google analytics plug-in and setting it up with my code. You can find when you search for plug-ins.

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      Hi Liquification,

      Thanks for the tip on the plugin, as I was installing it and getting my UA number from Google, I noticed that it started seeing the code in the footer editor, the green check, usually it says it found it and will show in 24 hours, this time it just went from an x to a green check about 14 hours later.

      But I have the plugin ready to be activated if the data does not start showing tomorrow.

      Thanks so much for your help.

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    Is that a free theme you are using? If so, the code you have referenced above is probably an encrypted code placed by the theme provider so that you can't take out his credits or footer links.
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