How To Upload Separate page to a website?

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I have 2 quick question for the web professionals of the Warrior Forum.

How do you upload the pages of a website in dreamweaver cs4 so that the images show instead of a blank page with lines.

2. The home page is "index.html" how would you load a thank you page for the same website.

Help Please,
Thank You
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    If you have uploaded the files to the internet and the pictures are not showing the problem is more than likely the names of the picture files. When working on a windows computer windows will sometimes capitilize all of the picture names. Don't ask me why. I just know it does.

    To upload the thank you page should be the same as uloading one file. It will go in the same folder as the index.html unless you are redirecting it to another folder.
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    Yes, check your source code to make sure that your image file names are all lowercase for the pictures. Also, for your Thank You Page... give it a different file name... index2.html or thanks.html

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      Along with making sure your names are correct, make sure your directories are correct as well. Also make sure those images are pointing to the directories where you're storing the images.

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