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by ezeey
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Ok I have coded a html web page with an email sign up form coded in (Squeeze Page). I have wordpress installed on my domain and that works great. Now I want to upload my squeeze page to the same domain as my blog and display that squeeze page when a user clicks sign up. I don't want my wordpress theme to show up i just want the squeeze page to show exactly how i designed it. Does anyone know how to do this? Will be much appreciated. I have tried to upload the webpage to the directory on my server but ether it shows the sign up form as my home page or my blog says content cannot be found. :confused: help please
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    I have thought of a way round this but i still have no idea how to do it. Is there a way I can create a completely blank page on wordpress, without the css, sidebars and widgets of my theme and design a whole new page inside wordpress.
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    You can definitely do everything you just described. I use to wonder how to do the same thing myself.

    I got around the issue using page templates. The beauty of WordPress is that these templates allow you to create a page just as if you were writing a regular HTML page.

    Just create the page as you want it, then create a page in WordPress and give it the page template you just created, and that should do it.

    You can check out my Ultimate WordPress Toolkit at my Web site here: desndev[dot]com/the-ultimate-wordpress-toolkit

    You may be able to find some help there.

    If I think of anything else, I'll P.M. you some links to take a look at.

    My two cents...

    Hope it helps!

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    Just upload a plain html file in your WP root (or in a folder)
    and link to it from the sidebar/template/whatever.
    That should work, no...?
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    Hey thanks, got it eventually.@dhanediesil love the site.
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