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I plan to build a site for my wife (ecommerce). Who offers the best hosting for web beginners in your opinion?

Thanks in advance
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    Hi solardave.

    Have you selected an ecommerce script/solution that you would like to use?
    Have you decided what type of hosting do you need (shared/VPS/...)?
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    Since there are so many web hosts, you're likely to get a boundless different responses on which host may be the 'best'. In terms of beginner difficulty, all should be fairly similar, though I think what you might be asking more for is a host with a higher level of support?

    The best answer, I think, that anyone can give you is to do your research, don't fall with web hosts that get promoted just due to affiliate commissions, and also, feel free to trial first - many offer something like a 30-day refund policy, so you should be welcome to test some out fully before committing.
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    I have experience with host gater , these are providing a best services at low cost, also provide a 24/7 support , disk space are unlimited . latest PHP versions
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      Originally Posted by yasar View Post

      I have experience with host gater , these are providing a best services at low cost, also provide a 24/7 support , disk space are unlimited . latest PHP versions
      I have had great success with Hostgator . com
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    The best hosts are serverlogix.com and integralhost.net. They provide plans which are able to satisfy the needs of any discriminating webmasters and prices are low.
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    The first thing to consider when choosing web hosting is what type of hosting do you need. When creating a website, you should consider that you have to choose a web host, a domain name, and an application to create your website.
    I think Hostgater is best web hosting companies and this is providing a best services at low cost.

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    The best hosts are godaddy.com . They provide plans satisfy the needs of any discriminating webmasters and prices are low.Hope you satisfied
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    asphostportal.com is also good for getting best hosting. Uptime is good and my sites are running fast and efficiently.
    I'd recommend them quite highly if you're looking for professional host for personal or business sites. As for customer support you will absolutely love it, each time you contact them, you'll experience great response time and very helpful information, they will fix any problem.
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  • My vote is for hostgator. been with them since 2001. They have always been good to me..
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    Look for a host with solid equipment, data centers with connectivity/bandwidth, high speed ports, support and if you are going to require a VPS, either get hosting which provides full management service or semi-management services...

    However, it has been my personal experience that even hosting companies who offer management services don't actually do anything to setup and configure your server to run properly, they wait for you to tell them what you want done or deliver default configured cPanel/CentOS setup, etc.

    So if you don't know what you want on a VPS to have it run correctly and you need a VPS setup, you really need to have a service which tunes your hosting account for you, your VPS or Dedicated server setup and configured to deliver webpages fast, secure and reliable...

    I don't know that I can agree with the idea that HostGator or Godaddy is a solid company to go with... up until recently, HostGator had its VPS shipping with PHP 5.2... standard... wow! Plus they sell 'dedicated' servers, which are actually virtualized VPS's cloaked to look like an independent Dedicated Server... charging you dedicated pricing on what is actually a VPS... that is just BS in my opinion.

    Anyway, I don't mean to bash another company, but I just can't agree with business practices like that and then look at them as being a good company to host with...

    I've been with a lot of different hosts over the years, some good, some bad... some really BAD... lol.

    I could recommend 3 hosts from my experience, Dotblock, Rackspace and Codero, depending on your needs and budget, I never had any issues with any of those companies for hosting, support was good and servers ran well.
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    I like Godaddy. I sometimes mess up on my functions.php or other php files and I use their History function to undo any error, it has saved my life countless times.
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  • Hello,
    you should try and give www.skybridgedomains.com I know many people using these guys and their live chat support is in real time. Never any down time or experienced any problem. They do Linux cPanel Web Hosting or Microsoft IIS Web Hosting and it works perfect every time. They have hosting cPanel and thousands of apps available via installatron or manual installs/setups. Shared Web Hosting or Dedicated Servers is no problem.

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    I think softlayer e-commerce web hosting is the best.
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    We just published a massive guide on wordpress hosting. You might want to check it out: WordPress Hosting: The Definitive Resource Guide
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    Hello there! I would like to recommend GoSkyGo.com for best web hosting service.
    Hope you are expecting this type of service. If you are interested, just visit here and try
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    The best hosts are A2hosting.com and QHoster.com. Plans are resourceful and servers are well-supported and prices are competitive.
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