Wordpress won't save changes!!!

by kevd10
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Please somebody help me. I am making changes to my wordpress site, and nothing is changing on the actual site. Some of the changes are happening hours later, some happen when I try a different browser, but then they don't change again when I alter something else in the same browser.

This is a list of things I have done so far:

1. Cleared browser cache multiple times
2. Deactivated all plugins
3. Uninstalled and reinstalled wordpress
4. Spent an hour on live chat with Hostgator's finest
5. Tried multiple different themes.

None of the above solve my problem.

I am in serious need of some help on this, it is driving me insane.

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    Who do you host through?

    EDIT: I see it's hostgator. I know from personal experience, sometimes your hosting provider will have a cache on their server, and it's may be enabled by default. This happened to me with one of my clients who was using site ground.

    You said you talked with support so I assume this is not the case. However, you may want to ask again if their server caches your site, and if it does, have them clear it.

    Hope this helps!

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    Are you by chance using Cloudflare? I've heard of this kind of thing happening before.

    Try using a different web browser - not just clear the cache.

    What kinds of changes are you making that aren't taking?

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    definitely sounds like your cache - even if you have disabled your cache plugin, it can still be showing a cached version of your site - typically you actually need to clear your cache before disabling it.

    if its not that - one thing i would ask is - have you recently updated your nameservers or switched hosting? you maybe seeing your site on your old host and your domain may not been propagated fully.

    Perhaps if you are on a windows desktop/laptop you can try going in your dos command and issuing an ipconfig /release followed by a ipconfig /renew - i often find that sometimes helps when switching domains to new hosting...
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  • Caching can be a problem for sure. Try closing out all browsers and wait a few minutes and go back to see if the change saved. I'm on HG and I have to do this sometimes.
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    I have tried all of the above. Hostgator support said they have cleared the wordpress cache. Still no change. This is driving me insane. I have been with Hostgator for years, never had this issue. I am contemplating leaving HG altogether just so I don't have to waste anymore time on this.

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    Another possibility is that your database is corrupted in some way. You may want to try a database cleaner/optimizer (after doing a backup) to see if that clears up the problem. I have no recommendation for what tool to use for this but if you search around Wordpress.org you'll find a lot of plugins that may help. HG may have some suggestions.

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    • Originally Posted by Mark Singletary View Post

      Another possibility is that your database is corrupted in some way.

      I had a WP database go corrupt once. That was no fun. I had to rebuild the entire site and get my stuff from Cached Pages - Get the cached page of any URL to do it. I wasn't sure how long the DB had been corrupt so using a backup was out of the question. It came to my attention when changing out a theme.
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    There's a good chance you had one of the following happen to your website:
    i) Your database is corrupted
    ii) You installed a caching plugin which did not delete fully itself from your server files even if you deleted it from within Wordpress. (yes there are such plugins which cause such problems, and much more so because you only deactivated and not deleted it from your first post).
    iii) Your Wordpress theme is problematic
    iv) Your server has some unexplained issues

    If you want to be sure, ask Hostgator to port you over to another of their servers + reinstall your website + do NOT use the same Wordpress theme and read all the FAQs for the caching plugins that you want to install before installing.
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    I was with HG long time ago. I used their live chat and even their teamplayer app. The support was lying blatently. I took screen shot and cut and pasted conversation. I got credit back but my faith was lost with HG. Neither me nor my clients can afford to deal with people like their support. I would suggest like many others a Cache issue...
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      If all the said options do not help, then check your browser and clear browser cache.
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        If you install wp-supercache and then go to its advanced view, enable "Do Not Cache For Known Users"
        This gives you a button at the top of each page to clear the cache. Occasionally this is not enough and you will have to clear the whole cache. If this doesn't solve your problem then you may be running too much stuff (usually plugins) on a shared server that can't handle it. Also connecting from a faster connection (hard wired rather than wifi for example often helps). Also run wp-optimize to clear out junk and repair databases.
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    This sounds like a date base issue to me or a W3 cache plugin problem The database sounds like it is corrupt
    Hostgator should be able to fix this or try going into PHP My Admin In C Panel to see if the data base is working

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    Make sure you have the option to make changes in your databade. If you dont have previlages in your database you changes you make wont take effect.

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