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I am finishing up my website for my local fitness company. But I want to do some optimizing for speed and just some general back office recommendations that should be done. I have tried w3 cache but I only made the site slower. Is it safe to outsource this to Fiverr with all my papal data set up? Or should I remove the logins and api's from the carts before I give someone privileges to the site? Or am I just paranoid that someone would scrape this financial data.
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    Yes, W3 Cache doesn't work well with certain website themes.

    As for Fiverr in your situation, i would say they're relatively reliable.
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    I would like to source freelancer in fiverr because it's cheaper and fast
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    Fiverr is fine as long as you buy from good sellers. Look at their start ratings and read some of their buyers' feedback to get an idea of the sellers.
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    Fiverr is the popular and trusted freelancing site on the world, find the good seller with highest positive reviews.
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  • I think you're right be be cautious. Fiverr is notorious for copyright theft and you can't trust reviews from other customers as these are often faked. I would recommend you remove any sensitive information before allowing a complete stranger to access the site and work for you for $5. I would almost expect them to in install a backdoor or trojan for this price. Also make sure you change any credentials you provide them afterwards.
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