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My name is Michael. Immediately apologize for the very bad English. This message I have translated using google.

This post is yet questioning. I have a desire to help beginners to those who make the first steps in online marketing.

Before I begin, I want to say that I am a current customer LeadPages (tariff number 2), and not engage in any piracy. Never in my life.

The problem is. The site Leadpages always in abundance offer to download and try free templates for pages of subscription (optin) selling pages (sale page) and others. C Extremely beautiful design.

I am sure they downloaded almost everyone. But when they tried to apply these amazing patterns in your business, you realize that not all so simple.

LeadPages themselves say they need to hire a programmer to configure the same OPT-IN page. In my opinion it is not fair to give for free what can not be used. This is my opinion and nothing more.

This is free with torn jeans ass!

I have almost all the free templates Leadpages. These templates I set for myself, only for fun. Can I do it or not =)

Templates set up my services in Russia. And under Mailchimp ^ Aweber ^ Getrespond ^ ArpReach ^ and something else. I do not remember.

Optin Templates actively used on some sites. As a last resort, on the main page, I have always worth a free template. One day I forgot to renew my subscription and all my pages collapsed. Since the home page is always Leadpages free template.

Video Youtube

My biggest question !?

How much interest you, the inhabitants of this forum, free templates configured for basic services LeadPages mailings?

Simply put, patterns, where he meets opt-in subscription form.
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