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I have a website with very quality freebie psd themes made by me. it has around 10,000 uniqs a month - most of the visitors are designers and developers. it's a shame a website with such a quality visitors won't make me any decent earnings...

I used to work with Themeforest's affiliate program but it's really a suck program. they pay only for new visitors and only 30% from their FIRST poor theme purchase.

Do you know any good targeted product i can publish in my website and earn more?
or, as a designers\programers which services or products are you likely to use?
i mean everything that is not totally free, for example Invisionapp, Typeform, Dropbox....

Thank you very much!
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    bro find some work on freelancer,elance etc...
    it has a career for who have a skills
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    Build a list don't just give the themes away

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      Sounds like you have a great site.

      Your best bet is to do some testing to figure out what this traffic wants.

      If you use WordPress, maybe get one one of the ad rotator plugins. I use WP Pro Ads and it seems to work pretty well. The main thing is that it rotates banner ads and has a dashboard that shows you what is getting clicks.

      Then off the top of my head, one thing that seems like it might be good to test is selling a 'graphics pack' of image files buttons etc. I see WSO's about once a month where you can buy resell rights to the graphics.

      Then you can create a quick banner ad and put it up on your site. There's usually a few good products on JV Zoo and WarriorPlus that you can be an affiliate for and then put banners up for those products on your site too.

      After a couple of weeks, you should see a clear winner in terms of what people are interested in.

      Hope that helps!
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  • It can be a challenge to make money from people looking for free stuff...
    Premium WooCommerce & WordPress Plugins $10/ea. or FREE With Membership.
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    You should require them to register and give their email address to get most of the free themes. Tell them that if they don't register they will not receive updates on the themes.

    Once you build up a list you can have people pay you to send emails to the list promoting their products. I might even pay for that benefit because I think web designers would be interested in my video editing product.
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