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We are planning to redesign one sites. The common problem with this sites is many people reaching home page but very few of them visits other pages, and almost none of them remain active for a long time.

can you suggest a better improvements that can improve user experience as well as design ???

Any suggestion will be very useful.

Site URL:

All suggestions are welcome .....
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    The sites is in English as well as in Arabic language
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      See, I don't know how many others do the same, but every time I enter a site and the content is blocked by one of those overlays I immediately click back. And never come back.

      I know it is the opinion in these forums that overlays increase conversions. My opinion is completely different. Overlays are just pop-ups v2.0. Annoying as hell.

      Well, there I gave you a reason for your high bounce rates. But maybe it's only me.


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    Your pop up comes on waaaaay too soon, you have not given your visitors a chance to even see you content or what they are there for.

    Ok so after I bypass your pop up. The Video, it's too distracting, if it is a slider like Revolution Slider that you are using, I suggest putting a matte overlay on top with a low transparency. It's way too bright and flashy.

    Sad to say but your images or something on your site is loading slowly and taking forever to see what's below. It gets stuck as I try to scroll down. Your images may not be optimized properly for speed loading. This will cause people to just close your website and move on.

    There's a lot of technical issues that will cause your visitors to leave immediately.

    If you need technical help, PM me, I'd be glad to be of service, cheers!

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    The popup loads really quickly. But the main thing i would change is that video in the background that made my head spin. That's probably why people don't stay on the site for too long because there suffering with motion sickness lol. Also I think sometimes having too much graphics is really distracting. When I clicked on Water Purification I did like the white on black with the image. That looked slick. Why not use a similar theme through out your site with some graphic here and there?
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    Pop-up or overlay took some time to load for me as well. Visitors get hit with a pop-up right way and it takes a while to load, it's no wonder any one stays at all.Plus it took a bit to get it closed. Also it loads on every page load, pop-ups should only load once per visitor. If they did not click the first time, why annoy them again with the same thing?

    You have alot of open space, why not put the content of the pop-up on the page instead? Would be less frustrating for the visitor.

    I agree, the video back ground is too much, to fast, to busy. Make people dizzy.
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