which is better: joomla or wordpress

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pls which is better for build a blog site for affiliate marketing and adsense considering security issues? .... joomla or wordpress?
qn urgent answer is needed. thanks
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    This is a hard one.
    From my experience, both CMS are secure however there also plugins out there that makes Wordpress even more secure. There have been in the past some security issues in both system but these get mostly fixed fast.

    See, these two CMS works perfectly, no system out there is 100% secure. I personally enjoy more working with Wordpress. But I have never had any security problems with Wordpress or Joomla.
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    wordpress is the best choice to get SEO friendly and user-friendly website. No matter for which purpose you need it, you can get better website on wordpress CMS.
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      WordPress is the most SEO-friendly CMS. Google even stated this.
      So since you're doing affiliate marketing, you're going to want to rank for keywords to get traffic.
      So go with Wordpress.
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    Wordpress is good and you have a whole boat loads of plugins that you can as well such as SEO plugins, opt in/sales page plugins... etc.
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    Wordpress is the best to SEO friendly and user friendly websites.
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    Wordpress is Best !! A+++

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    Enjoy !!
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    My winner is WP. Even for business sites. You can solve any problem with WP.
    Plugin development is much easier and faster.
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    Wordpress is much more mainstream, so I vote for it.
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    • Both are better, Creating a professional website is in fact really simple, and Content Management Systems(CMS) like WordPress and Joomla has literally taken all the technicalities out of the game, opening for anyone to easily start your own website and make money, even on a tight budget.
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    I would say WordPress, its good for building a blog site. Its easy to use, you can even design theme by yourself without wasting time in coding using a designing software templatetoaster and export that theme to WordPress.
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    imho word press is more versatile and adaptive to design ,more than joomla

    Plus there is more themes plugins etc available to support wordpress
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    It looks like Word Press is winning in this contest! I would also say WP. I tried Joomla once and I found it was not very user friendly. Word Press sites are the way to go IMO.
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    Wordpress is Best. Because
    1.Easy to Operate
    2.Cheaper to Build
    3.The highest number of developers creating themes and plugins for it.
    4.Wordpress is a popular plateform
    5.Seo is made simple ....

    and many more....
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