any tips for a perfect new website?

by Arcsn
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Hi guys,

I also posted it in a programming section.

I am building a new website and I would like to "think" about every possible opportunity/problem/need can eventually arise.
so I though to ask you what do you need (or need not) to include in a website? or test for?
I thought to include: google analytics, meta keywords, meta description...
test for: speed, responsiveness...

any tip or suggestion is welcomed.
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    Make it simple, usable, reponsive and fast loading on mobiles. Simplicity is the new complexity. Screw complicated designs, thousands of features, mega-images.
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    Remember the 1:1 Ratio rule - Each page should have one focus - one CTA - rather than lots of clickable links. Having too many will dilute the focus of the page.
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    You can build search engine friendly website.
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    Most important think for to develop a web sites loading time
    3.Seo Friendly
    4.Keep the proper codding structure
    5.dont use inline css and javascript make a seperate file for this
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    Give a quality users experience for your website and follow good coding practices and Google Page Guidelines.
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    Keep it simple
    Keep it concise
    make it easy to share and easy to follow
    create a sitemap and submit to search engines
    double check to make sure all links are working
    test your site on mobile
    check any contact forms
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    and distribute redeemable, trackable and
    validatable mobile discount coupons and deals.
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    Most important Key features for a perfect website

    1.Simple / Flate disign
    2.Convenient Navigation
    3.Proper Content
    4.Contact Information
    5.Search Option
    6.Sign-up Form
    7.Site map
    8.Web Browser Compatibility
    9.Optimized Image for fast loading
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    Better you make website in WordPress and you can include all function which you looking.

    For free theme you can follow this URL

    enjoy !!
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    Most important pointers:

    1) Responsive - mobile-friendly
    2) Site that adheres to Google guidelines in terms of site structure
    3) User-friendly and informative
    4) Interesting content
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    Only tip from me is that if you don't have too much knowledge about website design and development then you should hire professionals. Only experienced developers can deliver you best.
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      Originally Posted by johnfsander View Post

      Only tip from me is that if you don't have too much knowledge about website design and development then you should hire professionals. Only experienced developers can deliver you best.
      thanks for your point of view, don't you think I should get more experience in order to became more experienced? that's why I am asking here...
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    Instead of simply adding Google Analytics code I would implement Tag Manager. With Tag Manager you could implement any tag later on.
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    If you are going to use banners to monetize your site, use your own affiliate banners instead of adsense or selling ad space.
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      Lots of good things from others so far.

      The main thing is to consider what the point of the web site is.

      Once you know that, you need to consider what the site needs to do in order to fulfill the purpose it was built for.

      As long as the site is built to do what it is supposed to do for the owner, I'd recommend the following extra things:
      1. Optimize it for speed - combine css files, combine js files, make sure you use proper image size declarations, turn on server compression, etc. Your site should load for users in under 2 seconds (preferably under 1 second).
      2. Set up actual goals, track their conversion rates, and continually optimize via split tests and/or more traffic as needed.
      3. Track errors - all errors on the site should be reported back to you automatically with full debug information. Do this and you can not only fix problems before they are noticed, you can call up your users as errors occurred to get more information on the spot. Boy does this suprise people
      4. Track referrers - keep an eye on who is linking the site and check out what is being said about the site. This can be automated just like errors above.
      5. Track 404s and set them up properly. Your 404 pages should report back to you and provide those viewing them with information on what your site is about. At minimum I recommend displaying a site map on 404 pages.
      Do these things and your site will be way better than average.

      Depending on the site, request user feedback / suggestions / requests / etc. and your users will tell you what they want so you can at least consider it.
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    With more and more people gaining access to smartphones, the mobile web is rapidly expanding. However, websites that are designed to be seen on desktop or laptop browsers will not look their best on a small smartphone screen. Even if the design looks good, navigation may be difficult, with a great deal of pinching, zooming and scrolling involved.

    To put it simply, a mobile-friendly website is must that is optimized for use on the mobile web.
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