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Hi there Fellow Warriors,

Many a time, i have seen people around here having problems to center their website or if they actually get it centered in one browser they are not able to in the rest.

I am a designer myself and before this post, i used to charge around $10 for centering webpages. But today i feel like giving something back to the warrior members, these are a few sites i refer to when centering pages.
Here's the list:

For Horizontal Centering:
Max Design - CSS Centering - fun for all!
CSS Centering: Auto-width Margins
SimpleBits ~ CSS Centering 101
Andy Budd::Blogography: CSS Crib sheet #3 - Centering a Div
Centering Block Element - css-discuss
All My FAQs Wiki: Center with CSS

And For vertical Centering:
How to: vertical centering with CSS / journal / hicksdesign
Vertical Centering in CSS
Permanently outdated - Alsacrations

If you think this post was useful, Do thank me.

And i think this should be put up as a sticky , so that people dont have to search or make a post again related to this.

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    No Problem .

    If anyone needs help implementing these , feel free to contact me and i will you out

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    Centering web page horizontally.


    #window {
        margin: 0px auto;
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    It's possible to use tables right?
    We can put all the web content inside a table or div
    and put that table in the center.
    Like this.
    <table style="border: 5px dashed; border-color: black;" align="center" width="55%" cellPadding="1" cellspacing="10">
    That's what I've done for my projects in school in the past. I do that now too.

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      Originally Posted by kendrickyi View Post

      It's possible to use tables right?
      Professional web designers stopped using tables for layout during the 2003 - 2006 timeframe, as browsers became more mature and offered full support for CSS 2.0. For some of the reasons why Google semantic markup and tableless design.

      Bottom line: don't. Not unless you want to look like a hobbyist who's stuck in the 20th century.

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    @kendrickyi - I dont personally like tables and i find it difficult to actually design them. Also what you have stated does not work really go well with all the browsers and also , when the designing gets deeper, simple codes like those dont work. I used to think the same , but when i experienced issues, i understood.

    @Webstranica - That does not go well with all the browsers and does not work all the time, its not as easy as you have stated. Have a look at the links.

    You will understand
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    Great information, thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks for that piece of advice, just didnt know how to put it forward
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    Thanks for the tips guys, should help when im trying to center the gallery for my design portfolio xD
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