What screams "amateur website"?

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As a developer, do you notice things that make a site look unfinished or amateur?

For example, seeing index.php in the URL?
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    Originally Posted by CoralBayLover View Post

    For example, seeing index.php in the URL?
    Is that what it has come down to now??

    A file extension??

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  • I think a blinking mail box screams amateur. I had one on my first site back in 1999
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    For business sites: I hate when I see the placeholder text in a finished/public site.

    For blogs: I hate lots of empty categories.

    The site.com/index.php is not an issue since it's a technology. But a webmaster should make sure that he/she makes a 301 redirect to a preferred version.
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    If you want to have a site come off as professional, I would say just be sure to have the whole site completed and polished- good visuals and content, attention to detail, etc.... many sites out there just have a portion look good, usually the homepage, but then the inner pages lack attention.
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