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Does anyone know how important SEF urls are for SEO because SEF is not working for me.
#joomla #seo
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    Friendly urls are important for any site.
    be sure you are using the updated plugin.
    if you installed it AFTER you added menu items and its whacked out, remove the menu item then re-add.
    if it is a component issue make sure the component doesnt have a 'sef' related plugin to add on.
    there are many options for 'fixing' it
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    I dumped Joomla because I hated the way SEO was done on it. A total nightmare IMHO and they screwed up by not redoing this for 1.5.
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      Originally Posted by slinky View Post

      I dumped Joomla because I hated the way SEO was done on it. A total nightmare IMHO and they screwed up by not redoing this for 1.5.
      Depending on your server, it can be a real pain in the a$$. I have very little problem with hostgator but Godaddy bites when it comes to Joomla SEF configuration.

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    I dont understand why you think its hard. Its simple to use joomla SEF urls its all done inside global settings
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    Is there any advantages with Joomla compared to Wordpress?
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    there is one great extension known as sh404sef.
    it will help you aloooooot in joomla SEO.

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    I'm a little late to the party on this one, but oh well.

    I absolutely dig Joomla, partly because I've mastered it and it's components to a point where I don't even think when i'm putting up a new site.

    JoomSEF also supports a variety of components for joomla as well.

    I can see the appeal of wordpress, and the debates rage on on on, however when it comes to SEO, i've been just as successful in the SEO performance of my Joomla sites versus my WordPress sites.

    Maybe someday i'll put together a list of my components and optimal configurations. I'm talking about an authority site with a forum, blog, store, membership and newsletter, social media hub and more. All components and plugins are free and are compatible with the popular SEF SEO managers.
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    Joomla is really great for SEO purposes. Helps you enter the meta tags and the meta description tags for everything you post.

    But personally i think, google loves wordpress

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    What are the advantages of Joomla?
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      As zargonoth said, it all depends on the installation. Joomla IS really easy to set up, but most people new to the platform just do the one-click Fantastico install and think they're done.

      It has to be configured properly for good results.

      I use sh404sef on 1.5 for SEF urls. I also use the SEO Patch Extended from JoomlaAtWork on all the sites I develop.

      What are the advantages of Joomla?
      If you are just planning on blogging, Wordpress is probably the better option. If you are going to need different "types" of information or user functions, I would go with Joomla. You can still blog on Joomla, but it takes a little more work to pimp out the blog section with the same features that Wordpress has.
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      I've used both extensively and now no longer use Joomla. The main reasons are how "buggy" it can be and the general lack of a support community.

      WordPress must have 100x more plugins, themes, etc. than Joomla. This is simply a result of the enormous user-base difference.

      I haven't found anything that Joomla can do that WordPress can't do better. Plus it's super easy to write your own plugins or themes, if you're a code nerd like myself.
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        hello KHTM,

        I am sorry but I have to disagree with you, simply because first word press doesn't have more extensions than joomla.I don't know where you seen that.

        Secondly ask any security expert, and they will tell you that wordpress is far less secure than joomla.( in the beginning of this year, thousands of wordpress website were infected by a virus, and they were blackilisted on nearly all search engines.)

        Concerning the bugs, well I never had any trouble with joomla (SEO or others). And I am using joomla on a windows server.

        Finally there is now a new component out call K2 for joumla who is going to make wordpress redundant.

        Personnally I think if you are a beginner on the internet well WordPress is the way to go, but if you want more joomla is way better.
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