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Hi, everyone. I like to ask for feedback on here, hoping of course people will be honest with me about how effective the website is for its purpose:

Can you please take a look at: Aimbot | The Robotic Paintball Turret

Please let me know what might need to be adjusted to help convert people.

The final goal here for this site is to get people to fill out the form by clicking the "I'm Interested" button.
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    IMO, the site looks clean and straightforward. Great use of contrasting colors, eye-catching but not too harsh. I kind of also grasped the idea of the website in one reading so it's an effective website for me. The website is also responsive, that's a good thing too. I checked your site on my mobile phone and everything looks ok, the text is readable and I don't have any problems viewing it. The only downside is, the website took a long time to load, both pc and on my mobile phone.

    I hope this helps and Good luck on your business!
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    Great, thanks for the input. I may invest a few more dollars in improving the server to help the load times.
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    i think its not your server fault but your script taking very heavy load during launch so you need to compress or optimize your site.
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    The website just doesn't speak paintball to me. I'd say remove the huge logo and replace it with some kick-ass concept art of your turret.

    We aren’t building an awesome Robotic Paintball Turret yet, but we could use your help! We are starting our Kickstarter here soon, and we would like to know if you might be interested? If you are please fill out our interest form, and we will let you know about the campaign when it starts! Did we mention you could get a girlfriend?
    What's that part about? That whole sentence is so confusing, it's totally irrelevant, not very funny and feels just kinda forced (I have a girlfriend ). Are you mocking the people buying the turret?

    Off topic: I just got into paintball with a couple of friends and would hate to face that in a game! I'd get wrecked in no time.
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