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Hi Everyone,

I am looking for some feedback on my site...

Design Kraft Signs & Gifts

This is the first site I have ever built and I did use the Wix platform to build it. I still have to add the Social Media links and also finish the mobile version. I am also adding more products over the next couple of days.

Your feedback would be appreciated and helpful. I will try to check back later today to answer any questions too.

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  • Try to make pages load fast, your site is too slow. Maybe the background is your problem. good luck.
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    Yeap your site is quite slow and maybe the reason is its design.
    I prefer blogger or Wp, never find Wix fast, even its main homepage is slow.
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      Just viewed your site and I'd have to agree with the first guy that commented, your site does load a bit slow. Some of the elements of the website took some time to load. You don't want that because that'll cause people clicking out of your website which will result to high bounce rates. I find the background a bit distracting, making some of the text hard to read. Clever nav button for the "signs" menu, but I suggest that you make "Find Us" and "Custom Orders" in circles so as not to overwhelm the viewer with a lot of shapes going on on your website. Don't forget to put social media icons, it'll be a good thing to post them for extra traffic to your social media accounts. I also suggest that you make your website responsive.

      I hope this helps and good luck on your business!
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  • Even I would suggest to go with WordPress than Wix. Your intention is clear, you want to sell stuff through this website. But being a buyer I will always go with something which is faster and precise. You might want to change the colors as well. Rest is all good
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    I am trying to get the site to load faster. I have compressed all the graphics and I will re-install them to see if that helps. I had a feeling that WIX may be problematic for that.

    Thanks again for very helpful feedback.
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    I like it, but if I can say something.

    Make your menu buttons a bit more in the same style as your website.
    Struggeling with multiple supplier feeds?
    DoeeX solves it!
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    Web page very nicely . More information is given in detail . However wed load very slowly need to adjust this .
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