Help Needed to Move Documents from an Expired Domain to a New One Hosted By Hostgator

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I need the gurus here to help me out. I’m not so much of a tech guy. I had a website hosted on a domain which expired without my knowledge. Sometimes these things happen when you’re managing too many websites! So I decided to buy a new domain name because I already had the plan of changing the name of the site even before its expiration.

Having acquired a new domain name, I want to transfer the documents on the old domain to the new one that is active. How do I go about this? A step by step guide will be appreciated. My host is Hostgator. What I’ve already done is to point the DNS of the new domain name to my host; I’ve also added the new domain to the cPanel as an addon. What I need to do next is migrate the content. How can I do that?
Thanks in anticipation of your prompt response.
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