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Why small businesses need to get a optimized mobile website?
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    You don't have to but looks like Google is now giving ranking priority to websites that are responsive. So there is now even a bigger movement towards this.

    Also if the responsive design is nice and clean then it will be easier for your viewers to navigate through your site on smaller devices, which is a plus.
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    its also user friendly , responsive web site give a clear view to user. so only site owner make a responsive design
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    Because mobile users are increasing day by day and if website is not responsive, the users won't be able to understand your services easily and will opt opening another website, your competitor. Not only responsive, the website must have good user experience with call to action buttons and contact details shown.

    Thank you
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  • Everyone out there is using smartphones nowadays, so it is convenient for the users to check the websites on their mobile devices itself. If your website is not responsive, they will simply find an option which is readable and go for it. This is what you call as a missed business opportunity.
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    It's is not just small business that need to optimize for the web it's most website need to optimize for the web. Nowdays bit portion of the websites viewers use mobile to view the websites.
    Also google started to take in account if the website is mobile friendly when ranking the website on the google search.

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    There are so many searches now done by mobile devices, if you don't have a responsive site you are probably missing out on potential clients or signups. Most premium wordpress themes are responsive already and requires no additional coding or anything special.
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      The main reason is you can not ignore a large number of visitor. Now mostly people use their smartphone for viewing website. It your website is mobile friendly it will be grate for him.

      Another thing is that Google will rank your website first.
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    Mobile based website ( responsive website) should be create now days if you want to increase your potential users, because now days percent of users using mobile , tab more then PC and laptop.
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    A mobile optimized website is really important for any business. As the number of mobile device users have increased so it is necessary to have a mobile optimized website. It can increase your sales from mobile devices.

    If you are not taking it seriously, then you are losing leads. Google also praises mobile friendly websites.
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      Because of the following reasons:
      -Strengthen user browsing experience for visitors
      -Build compatibility with many different kinds of devices
      -Having fast-growing user mobile market
      -Being friendly and able to boost search engine rankings
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    Reason 1: Enhanced user browsing experience for your visitors.
    Reason 2: Compatibility with multiple types of devices.
    Reason 3: The mobile user market is continuously growing at a very fast
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    Portable improved and responsive sites function admirably crosswise over different stages and cell phones that incorporate desktop pcs, portable workstations, netbooks, cell phones, and tablets.
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    First, to make your website more Google friendly. Second, so your target audience could quickly access your website using their mobile phones.
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    Bottom Line Google is requiring it! Browsers like Chrome is even starting to warn searchers before they click on a website that its not mobile friendly. So get r done. LOL!
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    Because it makes the website look professional and you are keeping up with the times. Falling behind in the times is pretty much giving up on your business.
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