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Hi.Friends can any buddy tell me... which is better for website
i want to create my website, i need your suggestion that Wordpress better of custom work ? through HTML/Css PHP
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    You need to provide some additional information first.

    What do you need the site to do? How big do you expect it to be?

    Is this about designing a site or what will be easier for you to manage?

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Please pm me. i can help you with the HTML/Css PHP for free
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      Originally Posted by Kherk Roldan View Post

      Please pm me. i can help you with the HTML/Css PHP for free
      issue has solve Thanks
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    Custom PHP with html/css will be better if you are looking for website with good loading speed. It will consume more time than wordpress cms. If you can share me further info on what type of wesbite you are looking for, i can guide better.
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    It really depends on three things:

    1. What is the purpose of the website
    2. Who are the target audience
    3. What is the expected traffic

    You answer those and it will go a long way to answering even more web design related questions.
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  • What are you attempting to do? What functionality do you need?
    Premium WooCommerce & WordPress Plugins $10/ea. or FREE With Membership. PluginForage.com
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    in web design with cake php any one can help me ???
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    its depends upon our requirement , if you have your site to many functionality you cant to do that with any cms , you need to write your own coding using php jquery etc.
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    Hey if you are asking what is better wordpress or static website then it's depend on what you need. Surly it's better to create your website on wordpress because it's seo friendly and it also offer you the options to easily edit you website from the admin panel without the need of reuploading the files each time.

    On the other hand creating custom wordpress takes more time and more knowledge.
    So if time or more money you need to pay for wordpress theme is not a problem for you wordpress will be a better choice.

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    It does depend on what your doing, but there is no way I wouldn't be using wordpress to create a site. Wordpress does use php in the backend, so if you were doing a lot of customizing then you will need to know it. That being said, there is a plugin somewhere that can probably help you reach your goals
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    WordPress will give you too many benefits if you want to grow your website as there are tons of plugins that can help you to deal with many things that you may need in the future (facebook integrations, wordpress memberships, voting, comment management and lots more).
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    All of my friend please help me about wordpress CMS.
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    You should use WordPress. because It's amazing in the world. you can tr it bro
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