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I am new and looking for some advice as to how I should go about installing a new WP theme.

I would like to know:

1. Do I need to install a plugin to backup important content? If so, which one?

2. What things should I be mindful of in terms of maintaining the right pathways and structure of my blog? (eg. I want to be sure my current links will work when it's all said and done)

3. Will this mess up my sitemap?

As I said, I am new to the forum, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hey Pat,
    I have installed wordpress and I use back up buddy.

    It should ask you to do a back up because you will loose some data. I know this is what happens with

    back up buddy. Guess it depends on which one you choose.

    I know because all my photos kept disappearing.

    As for the other stuff I am not sure, so if you don't get any further help, I guess you will have to

    google.Hope this helps...Jennifer

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    Hey Pat

    You should definitely back up your site if you are gonna make any major changes to it. You can use the plugin called "backup", which is free or you can use the azons3 backup and you can find them both if you go to and click plugins section then use the search function.

    When you get your new theme, you don't have to just change it right away, Wordpress gives you the
    option to install it before activating it so this gives you the chance to preview it to see how its going to
    change your website.

    I think your sitemap would be fine but not sure...

    Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better.
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    you Must install a Wordpress backup plugin to automate the task. Backups are a guarantee that your website will continue in case of a disaster at host or on your own site.

    Wordpress links will work when the website goes live. Don't worry about that.

    Your sitemap will not be messed up by changing your theme.
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    1. UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration is one of the most popular free backup plugins available for WordPress. With more than half a million installs and an extraordinarily favorable 4.9 (out of a possible five) star rating, it should definitely make your shortlist.

    2. All in One SEO Pack is a WordPress SEO plugin to automatically optimize your WordPress blog for Search Engines such as Google.

    3. No
    VPS Hosting in Europe
    Fast, Affordable and Reliable
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    Hey Pat

    I normally do 2 things first.

    I contact the new theme's developer and ask him all the questions that I'm worried about.

    And then contact my host, tell them the situation, and ask them to please back my site up for me on my hosting account, I then download it on my PC as a extra backup.

    But generally, the theme developers are normal helpful, and does not affect your site too much if it's basic themes.

    Changing your theme should not change your links in anyway, unless you important dummy content but still should not affect your links.
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    1. No need to install any plugin. Simply click on Tools> Export(When you click the option WordPress will create an XML file for you to save to your computer.) >Choose all content option

    2.All in One SEO plugin will maintain the URL path.

    3. No it ll not mess up your sitemap.

    Note: Take the backup of your entire FTP and database.
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