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I am editing my WP site and am available to get assistance from another fellow designer but when I gave her my login info, she said she could not log in. She received the "authorized users only" . . . what to do on my end, in order to remedy this situation? Help appreciated.
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    If you gave her your login info and she cannot login maybe you have a security plugin or something else in place that's restricts it to an IP?
    Really don't know without more details.

    However... You shouldn't ever be giving out your own login info...ever.
    No need to do this.

    Whenever you need to give someone else access to the admin area, create a login just for them with the correct "role" needed to accomplish the task.

    This can be done without plugins but for ease of use and speed use a role plugin such as:

    Members by Justin Tadlock (Awesome well coded plugin)
    User Role Editor by Vladimir Garagulya

    Both are free and will allow you to create a custom role for your designer.
    It's highly unlikely they need full admin access... although it's possible.

    So, create a new role and call it whatever you like... Example: "Designer".
    Then you assign what they can edit or do within admin.

    After you create the role, create a new user using her name and email.
    Now she can login and in the future if you want to delete that user you can easily.
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      thanks for the insightful response David. Appreciate hearing this. Actually I am trying to find assistance with product uploads to my e-commerce store and found someone willing to assist me by trying a handful of images she was willing to help me with and I was then going to negotiate a price with her. It's for my Woo Commerce store. I asked on the other part of this forum about Woo Commerce but got the usual shot of ignorant responses and so forth, something I don't seriously need to hear at this stage of the game.
      In any case, I see I can assign people in the USER section of the admin area if that is what you're referencing to...which would involve her working from a folder of images I would supply her and then she would go into PRODUCTS>ADD PRODUCTS and add tags for each image, a title, a short description and then set attributes/variables in WooCommerce. I will look further into this so thank you for this insight. Your feedback is respected!
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    Yes you add a new role under the admin menu Users > Add new role
    and you can see the roles under Users > roles.
    This assumes your using the "Members" role plugin.

    As far as what roles to assign for the task I'm not sure as I'm not using woocommerce.
    I do know that there are capabilities specific to woocommerce added.
    You'll see them when adding a new role when you assign capabilities.
    Make sure to test the new role and login before giving it to her to make sure the task can be done.

    Just logout and log back in with the new username/pass. If you can't edit as expected, there is a capability missing.
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      thank you...need to look into this
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        See attached screenshot . . . I looked and sure enough, it allows me to add - wonder how to start?
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          If your not going to add a new role first, you might use "shop manager".
          I'm not 100% sure what capabilities come with that, so test it yourself by logging in with the new user with that role.
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            "Shop Manager" is the one I am supposed to use according to my web designer who built the theme for me...he's been so busy on other projects but rarely hear from him in a timely manner due to his busy schedule but ironically he told me the same thing.......however, while I have you on the line, what boxes do I fill out on that form? All? Or just the ones requiring an assigned Username + Password?
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