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now revamp my site..



as you can see I add some videos first under ABS AND CORE EXERCISES, Workout tips.

but when I click this link WORKOUTS

which under Workout and sub cat are abs and core exercise , workout tips etc..

why It never display all the sub cat under workout page???

I hope you all know what I mean here ...where did I miss ? how to display all sub cat under Workout ?
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    I am not sure what you are asking. But I would remove the "most disliked" sidebar. I would think you would want something positive but I may be missing the point of what you are trying to achieve.
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  • Hire a programmer and he will do it for you.
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    There should be a section in your theme appearance menus where you can assign each of your page in the order you like it to be. Assign the page you want to be added to your menu and sub menu.

    For sub menus, your structure should look like this:

    --> Work out tips
    --> Eating Healthy Tips

    Make sure you indent/move the pages a bit to the right.

    Not like this...

    Work out tips
    Eating Healthy Tips

    Hope that solves it.
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