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This is my website RoboFisher | robot driven remote fishing -
The site allows everyone to control a real robot from his computer. The robot is found at the bank of a real lake and all he may do is fishing. The idea of the project is to control a robot and it does not intend to replace real fishing.
Tell me please your opinion on site design. Also I would like to know your user experience opinion.
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    Well, it's OK for a start.

    At least I understood who your target market is and what you provide.

    Some nitpicking details...

    This headline, "For whom RoboFishers are?" is grammatically incorrect. Try "Who Are RoboFishers For?" or "Who Is The RoboFisher For?"

    For your bullet list following that headline, hire a native English speaker to clean them up. They're all messy. Spell out "million". Don't leave abbreviations around to confuse your readers.

    Heck, get a grammar clean-up for your entire site. Popup descriptions and everything else.

    The site could really use an explanatory video of the RoboFisher in action.
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      Some of the pictures on your main page, that although they are nice to look at, are a little too big. IMHO.

      To put it in perspective, thought that the text in the list below "For whom RoboFishers are?" was a little hard to read.
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    Thank you for all comments! I will take them into account in order to imprve the site!
    What about design itself? Is it okay in your browsers?
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    I must give you credit for coming up with such a unique idea. I’ve never heard about anything like that before. Your brand name “RoboFisher” sounds good and business looks promising.

    But your site needs a lot of improvement when it comes to UX because you have to agree that it is not a beauty contest and your goal is to make some serious money right?

    I see saw many things to consider but let me stick with few things at the top of your lading page:

    * Top menu buttons like “How it works”, “FAQ” font size is too small.
    * Too many “call to action” buttons like “Start Now”, “Free Trial”, “Log In” and “Register”. You are making people think and that’s a bad UX. I don’t understand the difference between “Start Now” and “Free Trial”. Stick to one button here. Change the title from “Start Now” to “Become a fisher” or similar.
    *Trim down your top menu to 3-4 options instead of 6.
    * I believe that you are not clear of what you want people to do after they land on a home page because you have too many options. You need to clearly articulate the action your target audience are going to take after landing on a home page and use all the elements to make it happen.
    * “Our fishers are from” can be removed from the top to make it less distracting.
    * Your “how it works” video should be placed on your home page. Your video is too long, not more than 1 minute. You are wasting 20s at the start for showing your logo and talking broad ideas. The script should be like this, what is the specific tangible measurable problem your target audience is facing right now, how you can solve it, show in action, that’s it. Use native English speaker.
    * You are not consistent with the font sizes and colors all over the site.
    * “Don’t break up with nature” is like saying “Fisher needs to fish” or “Catch the big fish” are phrases without meaning which are speaking to no one. For example “Catch 42.6 Pound Bass in Africa’s Largest Lake without Leaving Your Home Ever Again” is a much better version.
    * White fonts without proper background are very hard to read.
    * As seen on TV font is barely visible.
    * It took me too long to figure out the service you are offering.
    * Can't find video testimonials, they should be on a top menu and lots of them.

    I am very sorry but I didn't have more time for this task

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