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Which ones do people use and which ones would you recommend? I've been using Montezuma but think it's time to change.
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    I am a fan of bethemed but it is a bit confusing if you don't know how to use it. I also like enfold as well it is simple light weight and just works.
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    Betheme is awesome. Enfold is okay, both have way too many features for a WordPress theme. I think themeforest themes are starting to get too bloated. Most aren't stable on shared hosting.
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    I'm not really after drag and drop. I'm happy to code.
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      I like the overall layout of Montezuma theme which you are using so far
      but i can suggest you some from my favorite list. you could now choose from the new WOW factor themes.

      Recently I end up reading this article regarding the most customizable and top selling WordPress themes, since you are using the WordPress, i would suggest take a look at it.

      6 Top Selling and Customizable WordPress Themes

      It will definitely help you deciding which theme you should choose which has easy drag and drop customization features etc, & you can easily design almost any kind of custom design as per your requirements in those.

      Some of the key features you should keep in mind before choosing any theme are as follows

      1.Light weight
      2.Fast load time
      3.More Secure
      4.Easily editable
      5 More customizable than others
      6.SEO optimized

      Hope it helps
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    I've used Enfold, too. It's easy to make websites with. The best one I've used, though, is the Divi theme.
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    Illdy is popular wordress theme, i have been using it for 1 year. i would suggested it for new beginners.
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    You might want to look at X theme. It's written with marketers in mind and has a great number of templates and demos to help you decide the look and feel you are trying to get.
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    Currently. I'm doodling with "TemplateToaster" these days. Works really fine for building wordPress themes/ Joomla templates and websites.
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    My choice is Divi WordPress theme. It is not just fully responsive but you can also use it for building different kinds of website.
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    Thanks to those who recommended real themes, not just advertised their company products.

    I think I'm going to try Quark. Seems to be one of the few that does what I want.
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    I think themeforest is a reliable source for you to find a suitable responsive Wordpress Theme and here is one of themeforest wordpress theme : FoodFarm or Akira Material WordPress Theme

    Free&PremiumMagento 2 Theme

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    Try Studiopress responsive Wordpress themes.
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    If you are happy to code, use BootStrap or Foundation. Easy.
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    I think best way to code you own. And use Bootstrap then Redux framework for WordPress its very easy.
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    Found what I really want at last. Themify Basic with Builder. Awesome.
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    I'm quite familiar with coding so I prefer something simple such as Understrap (underscores + bootstrap) as my base and build only the features I need from there.

    Edit: crap, it's an old thread... whatever
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    Hello there! You can also try out Kosmic - WordPress Theme. It is a clean, responsive and multipurpose WordPress theme with lots of amazing features.
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