What do WordPress beginners need to know?

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Hey Guys, I am trying to come up with the "ultimate" WordPress video tutorial course (free).

I have come up with over 40 videos to create, but just so I can have a bit more input than just myself, what do you think should be included?

So, if you have been using WordPress for a while, what do you think people would want to know when just getting started?

and if you have just started using WordPress, what would you like to know how to do?

I really appreciate ANY input here guys! (I am aiming for around 50 videos, I have around 40)
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    First of all please visit WordPress official site and visit this link: https://codex.wordpress.org/Getting_...with_WordPress
    It's help me better than any tutorial

    I hope information helpful!

    Thanks and regards,
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  • Hi,

    If I were in the shoes of someone wanting to learn Wordpress, it would be:

    1. What plugins to use to enable optimum performance of WP
    2. How to post on pages, posts and media for SEO
    3. How to decorate or personalize my WP site
    4. How to ensure proper security of my WP site
    5. How to drive traffic to WP
    6. How to monetize my WP

    Hope these helps!
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    For me, it would be plugins. The main one's for security and the importance of backup. Just today I needed to restore a site. It was so quick compared to rebuilding from it. Also the importance of EU Cookie Law, Terms of Service and Affiliate notification. All which seems to be left out or just one mentioned.
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    WordPress is easy to use, flexible and powerful tool,
    1 : Read about WordPress
    2 : Make a plan
    3: Install WordPress
    Step by Step plan helps to get start.
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    Iv found that when i try to show absolute beginners how to use wordpress, it isnt as easy to use as I thought!

    You need to show them how to install it, how to configure it and then how to post content and set up categories. Iv found that people really struggle to grasp the concept of it all when they first see it.
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    Obviously the use of proper plug ins is vital. Obtaining and using images would be a useful topic. People will want to have interesting pictures to dress up their blog.

    Just my opinion - 40 to 50 videos seems like too many, somewhat intimidating. Consider condensing them to small number of videos with the same amount of content.
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    Perhaps not a beginner-friendly topic, but even a little understanding of the backend template structure ("the loop" etc.) goes a long way when modifying themes.
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    I face one problem in Wordpress theme. Can you help me to sought out that problem????
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    make sure you find a good review of plugins.

    there are plenty of plugins that are very useful (and free) which you would have thought you would have needed
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    There's an interview on mixergy.com from a guy that owns one of the largest traffic Wordpress niche sites.

    He started out by basically stalking Twitter looking for anything related to Wordpress questions.
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    1. Plugins.
    2. Whether he should use Free Themes or Premium.
    3.Which WordPress development tool he may use.
    4. Hidden Tricks.
    5. Code Snippets.
    6. WordPress Cheat Sheet.
    7. how he can migrate from Blogger to WordPress.

    More Info you can get all about WordPress Essential Tips and Tutorials for WordPress Beginners
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