What are your biggest challenges as a web designer?

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What are your biggest challenges as a web designer?
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  • My biggest challenge when I was designing sites was pricing.

    I wouldn't recommend setting "fixed" prices for different packages. Treat each client individually because they all have different specifications and price your designs accordingly.

    Some clients will want 20 revisions which take so much more time than a client who requests only a couple of revisions.

    Remember: your time is worth money.

    It's crucial for you to ask the right questions so you know exactly what your clients wants before you give them a price. Also make it clear how many revisions you are including in your price and tell them that any revisions after that will cost $X/hour.

    You may want to look into signing up with freelance time tracking software so you know exactly how much time you are spending on each client.

    Best of luck
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    Dealing with clients, they are quite crazy. They all want a logo for $5 and a full website for $15.

    The biggest challenge I think would be delivering the perfect web for the client, help the business with a proper design, solve all their problems and make it easy for the visitors to find what they want easy enough.

    Each client is different and each website should be different, building wireframes from scratch for all the projects and be a problem solver.
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    As a web designer these challenges you have to face : How to merge with third party and how to interact with them. There should be complete dedication on your work. Always prevent your website from hackers and viruses. There should be good response from visitors.People should get attracted by visiting your website so that they visit again.
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    1.Browser support,For ex.Chrome supports input type number ,while firefox has not yet implemented it.
    2.Client Window sizes,your UI should be intact for all Screen Resolutions.
    3.Layout Engine Software are different for different browsers. Ex.webkit(chrome),Gecko(firefox).
    4.Every Browser has its own Default styles for elements. It is better to go through reset.css for better understanding.

    For Website and Graphic Design service I am available.

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    Creating best web design that is according to latest model and techniques to get high response. Design of website is key factor to grab your customer`s attention so it is the only thing that I feel like challenge.

    Research Executive at VirtueNetz

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    For me the most difficult task was to find customers. It is a very competitive sector and it's not easy to get known just by the organic Google search. It's necessary to be active, contacting companies and professionals to offer your services and to invest some money in marketing.
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    Biggest challenge is satisfying the customer with your designs.
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    My biggest challenges when I was a web designer back then, was revisions. My clients change their mind as quick as they change their underwear. It's so confusing.
    Another thing is, website design trends.
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    Cut-throat price competition.
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    Website’s sync with multiple apps along with its ability to be responsive are just a few factors which are pondered by the web designer. This makes web designing a challenging role.

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    My biggest issue is dealing with clients that do not know what they want and ask for many changes to their original requests and/or who spoon feed you each detail once at a time. I setup forms for products and follow a review process to avoid those issues as much as possible.
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    The biggest challenge in web designing I faced was pricing.

    Some clients are generous givers but inevitably there are also some who are not.

    At the end of the day I just think that I'm doing it out passion and not for money.
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    For a Web designer the biggest challenges is the satisfaction of client, fulfill each and every requirement of client.
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    Web designer have some challenges like - To serve content across multiple screens and platforms, website security against malware, hackers.
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    The main challenges of the web designer are integration,accessibility,responsive,security,user experience,speed.
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  • For me, the biggest challenge that I'm facing right now is how to get fresh contents. Other stuff is easy if you got a great team and you are in a Professional Website Development Company.
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    Web designer should be updated about all the new techniques that used.Another one is client satisfaction.Client must be satisfied with your all designs is necessary.
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    The most difficult and challenging task as a developer is to handle the client. A developer has to manage multiple projects and clients at a time and every project needs to be developed on time and sometimes it is very difficult to satisfy the clients. Mostly the clients ask for something that is not possible.
    There was a client case once where the client wanted PHP5 elements in the website and the hosting environment did not support PHP 5 and the client was not happy with it. The developers had to explain everything that why PHP 5 features do not work.
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    My biggest challenge as a web designer so far is satisfying my clients with my designs.
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    Initially, it was dealing with clients that paid less than $1k for a site build, and assumed they would get $5K-10K worth of site development, custom graphics, etc.

    Currently, I only work with larger companies and government organizations that require custom Drupal and Wordpress design/development, these clients are happy to pay $10k-$30k+ for a custom site, and additional $$$ for on-going support
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