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[HELP] Looking into framework themes (Genesis, TemplateToaster, Thesis, etc) for new website but not sure? Looking for advice/recommendations/experiences.
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    Hi Davis,

    I've got a couple years experience with Thesis since 2011. It used to be that Thesis was the best. It had a loyal fanbase and Genesis and Headway were the 2 main competitors. Since then...Genesis has emerged and many people who picked Thesis migrated over to Genesis.

    Both are great, Genesis is cheaper. Stronger fanbase, less clunky to use, makes more sense from a programmer point of mind. Basically Genesis is easier to work with both for programmers and non-programmers (you?).

    It really depends on where you are in web development. Thesis and Genesis were SUPPOSED to be these super easy-to-use frameworks where you could create an awesome website without much programming knowledge. Problem is they grew to be so complicated that you ended up having to hire a programmer anyway.

    And then the problem became that you had to hire a programmer that was familiar with the frameworks. Because if you hired a programmer who WASN'T familiar with the framework, he'd be like, "Ewww....I don't want to waste time learning how to use a framework made for newbies/non-coders. Why don't you just let me build a template for you from scratch?" And your answer for not wanting to build a template from scratch would be because you wanted to use the awesome features and customization options built into those frameworks.

    I'm currently at this point:

    If you trust your programmer to code a super clean, fast-loading, SEO-optimized template from scratch. Go with that option. It's the best and most ideal if you ask me.


    If you've got no experience with this stuff and have only recently met your programmer, it's probably better that you demand for him to hack your design into Genesis/Thesis.

    If you're acting as a solo guy...probably better to go with one of the frameworks for sure, since it'll function better than anything you can create/find on your own. And the fact that both frameworks have so many helpful forums is great.

    Go with Genesis. It's what I would choose now if I had to do my sites all over again. And this is coming from a guy who used Thesis for the past 5 years.
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  • Hi Davis,

    Genesis WordPress theme framework is easy and familiar to use. Thesis and Genesis are most popular and recommended WordPress theme framework. If you are a non technical user you should go for Genesis and if you have knowledge about PHP, CSS you will definitely love Thesis . As a normal user you will find it hard to customized thesis theme.

    Hope it helps and good luck!
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    Depends on what type of website you're looking to create. I say look at obtaining a multi-purpose theme which allows you to create multiple layouts from that single theme. I use a few from Themeforest and even though I think their prices are high I stick with them as my default location. A few examples I use:
    I also use CSS Igniter

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    Thanks for suggestion
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    Not used to be a big fan of WordPress bcz of tons of issues like slow load time of websites, less of customization when needed & security issue all the time although its still there but after installing some security plugins and with some tricks on htaccess files etc. i'm now super secure! at least thats what i think

    Recently I've written an article an article regarding the most customizable and top selling WordPress themes although I've not mentioned Genesis Framework in it but I've really become a big fan of Genesis framework.

    Because of some following reasons:
    1.Light weight
    2.Fast load time
    3.More Secure
    4.Easily editable
    5 More customizable than others
    6.SEO optimized

    Well i'm loving it not sure about thesis but i did a lot of research before choosing Genesis framework and found more positive result for Genesis than Thesis.

    Hope you'll find it useful.
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    I search Wordpress themes at and refined my searches to:
    1. Responsiveness
    2. Ratings
    3. Customization
    4. Feedbacks
    5. Web Design

    Other themes I tried are from Studiopress.
    There are always free themes that you can work into.
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    What is your experience level? Are you skilled in development? If not, id say stick with a premium theme design from ThemeForest. Most will say "Divi" or "Thesis" or some other framework lacking design elements, but it has "speed, etc.". Screw that.

    Go with a theme that can really own your market, based on proprietary design standards and go from there. You can optimize the theme later for speed. The point is to have a theme that really stands up to the market not only currently, but has potential leading into the future for additional developments when you have additional funds. Go with:

    - X
    - The Ken
    - Omega

    Google all of these. They all live within the Envato marketplace on Themeforest.
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    I search Wordpress themes at and i found this theme : FoodFarm

    Free&PremiumMagento 2 Theme

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