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Ok so on my site I have a few different pages. The home pages directs people to specially my blog where I post most of my content. I have another page that I also want to be able to post on just like I can with my home page blog but I want them both to be separate blogs.

Basically right now I can't jus type a single blog only for my other page . I have to actually edit the page. How can I integerate a separate blog into another page without having to update the page itself each time ? is my page and the interviews with successors is the page I would like to have a separate blog area at
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    Basically you probably want to make categories. In the Wp dashboard under posts, find categories. make new categories. Then go under menu and select the category menu links and add them to your menu and there ya go. You could even do a blank menu item and name it blog or latest news and add thew categories of your blog posts under that as a drop down. Just be sure that when you add the main button to backspace out the http:// in it or it will not work right. Hope this makes sense, if you need further explanation, please let me know.
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    chrisfrye you have to create a custom page where the custom post will show as another blog in same is very easy way for a developer can take help from a web developer...
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    If you need a quick help it is better to pay someone who knows it well, obviously you are not a web master yet, may be attend some class on the topic
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      Thank you all. Figured it out in a matter of minutes. I'll actually use it when u start adding podcast to my site. Thanks very much
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