I am Earning with this Method.

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Hi i have developed a Website with Affiliate links and Google Adsense.

Can you Warriors Look into my site and Comment about it.

I just finished Onpage SEO and got 80 Marks for it.


Can you Please Suggest me What all Should i do to Off- page SEO.

I like to get your Suggestions Please.

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    You seriously need to hire a specialist web designer to make your website. Nobody will stay on your website for more than a second with the current layout it is in.
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    Yep, that`s bad..
    Start by putting a clean background, make sure it looks easy to read and and and and...
    Yeah he`s right hire someone lol
    Stop Struggling With Your Website and Marketing
    30$ / task, pay after done!
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    Yes, thanks for Your Suggestion. Now i Changed my Background of my website. Bath Dogs Home and Dog Training for Free can you please tell me How my website looks Now.

    I didn't Recruit any web designer or developer to develop my website. i developed on my own.

    I learnt how to do and i am Doing this.

    Once again thanks for your Suggestion.
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    Hey man, you have several adsense ads on your front page. You can be penalized by google. I'm sure you don't want that. Reduce the quantity to at least 3 per page. Your site looks good I think I have a lot of info in the form of article of your niche that I can share with you, please PM. Regards Hector
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    I only read the first few lines of content on you home page, but it was immediately obvious that your English writing skills are extremely poor. No-one is likely to stay for very much longer than I did.

    Clearly you need to hire a proven writer with genuine writing skills to provide you with good, well written, engaging content.
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    Maybe you should re-build it with a css framework (like bootstrap) or even a template... There are free templates which look better
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    Thank you all for your Suggestion. Now i changed the Theme of the website.

    Can you please check my site and give me a Review.

    Bath Dogs Home and Dog Training for Free
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    You can use bookmarking websites to off page seo and better you try social media button.It has more powerful help for your site.After that you can follow other popular websites that write on same category and read them and add professional comments and your web url.But without spamming.Better you buy seo specialist.You can hire a person who specialized in seo for cheap price in freelancing site.
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    Not bad at all, it just seems to be basic> just my opinion though. I'm sure you'll make it work
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    The first thing that stands out is you need to have someone proof read your English. I'm pretty sure you can get someone to do editing for cheap on a freelance site.
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    Number one, adsense policies recommend 3 units per page. Number 2 it would be better if you don't underline your headings in the articles, 3. Improve on English.

    4. It seems you are using Google Translate...
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