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Hey Warriors,

I set up a website teaching people how to play poker a few months back. Haven't started monetization yet, just want to get lots of good info up there first.

Here is the link to my start page How to play poker | How to play poker info

I'd really appreciate some feedback on the design, content, first impression or anything at all.


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    The website looks too plain. What I suggest is that you change the color scheme of your website and make it look more interesting by adding a little bit of graphics so that it wouldn't look boring.
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    thanks for that.

    Not much design thought went into the website as I don't have much experience with that.

    Is there any good tutorials around for beginners website?

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    I briefly looked at the website from my phone since I'm an avid poker player and fan. I will look more in detail for you later, but one thing I noticed on the mobile version of the site is that the socail share buttons on the sidebar are covering some of the text.

    I would remove those from the sidebar and place them somewhere else since they are prohibiting me from reading some of the content.

    You have some good content, but I agree the design can be a little better. Also, I don't think I saw you mention "Texas Holdem" anywhere... event though that is the game you're talking about. There are many "Poker" games, so I would mention "texas holdem poker" through out the website since you're trying to get traffic for people search texas holdem poker and not just poker.
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    Thanks for the input.

    I never noticed the mobile issue. Il remove it and try solve later.

    Mentioning the texas holdem is a good point. I am going to put up more material on different games in the future but I need to specificy that now fore sure.

    Look forward to hearing more from you.

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    Hey Warriors,

    I set up a website teaching people how to play poker a few months back. Haven't started monetization yet, just want to get lots of good info up there first.

    Here is the link to my start page How to play poker | How to play poker info

    I'd really appreciate some feedback on the design, content, first impression or anything at all.


    Hello Gamma,

    I have checked your website from top to bottom and here are my inputs:

    **It look like that earlier this website was a blog. Now it has been setup as website. its interface is still likely to be a blog.
    ** Website's navigation bar in not fully responsive in mobile view.
    **Since website has rich content need to utilize it properly. Use images to represent topic as images are more eye catching than text. If video can be embedded for each topic will be more attractive.
    **There are a lot of space is empty both side. Divide to website properly and keep separate space for ads that will help you to monetize it.
    **Put Previous and Next link in bottom of each paragraph or use different pagination.
    **Show privacy policy in footer instead of contact navigation bar.
    **Whenever you modify your navigation bar, do not forget to use caret sign to represent dropdown.
    ** About and Contact both are different column. Use different navigation button for them.
    **Since Wordpress has been paid remove "Proudly powered by WordPress <https://wordpress.org/> " from bottom and put a footer to show your copyright, privacy policy and disclaimer.
    **In order to make your website more attractive use slider on top.
    **Work on visuals, a beginner can grab quickly from images and video instead of video.
    **Replace your social media icon with another. Used one are not looks impressive.
    **Since you have divided paragraphs in different-2 categories but none of them gaining attention from first time visitor, visitors will have to concentrate or read whole paragraph to reach it. So highlight your categories.
    **Comment box is too big, make it simple and change button color.

    Once again I suggest you to come out of blog thinking and view. Make it website. You have paid for it now you can do a lot more with it. You may try different theme or hire a professional developer to work on it. If you need any help I am ready to serve you.

    Hope above suggestions help to improve. Good luck
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    Wow Cheers for the post! That's a lot to take in.

    really appreciated sumit! If I decide to get a web designer you will be the first on my list.
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    I'm wondering why would you choose to go up against competitors like pokerstars/pokerstrategy and such, which is the most likely destination for anyone searching for poker, it's gonna be extremely hard to beat them in serps, and that should be your main source of traffic, unless you've got some cool ideas, like recording videos of you playing poker or streaming for example.

    But you weren't asking about this, as for your website, I think it looks pretty good, very simple but not empty enough to throw visitors off, at least me. I feel like the logo is kinda off, it just sits there in the content and.. don't know, I think it's too blended in the background to actually feel like a logo, it looks good at the bottom, though. The title probably could be better but you still made it look pretty good, given the background.
    I'm assuming you want a simple poker rooms reviews site, get people to register from your links and you won't be building the site beyond that, if yes then you did a pretty good job, but this niche is extremely hard to rank in google.
    Overall, your site looks very good, you can try adding more images here and there and change the footer(proudly blabla..), haven't tested on mobile.
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    Your design is very simple and your menu is too long. Your site is not attractive at all. Make your site attractive first by using different colors on them.
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    I think that your website something has missed. U need to think more about the design. But I like your content. I am a poker fan, started to play a while ago on httр://іmoneyslоts.соm . And your tips are great. Just think about design and maybe add some popups or create a casino guide with reviews. It will be helpful for poker players.
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    And remember that people these days tend to be visually oriented.That means they want to see lots of videos on your site.The following blog is a good example.

    Our Poker World | Our Poker Authority SIte
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    I think you have really good information about poker but would have to agree with othe others comments, it looks a little too plain...

    Good Luck
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    "It is nice to see your website and I appereciate your hardwork.But It is quite simple one yet good but not too much
    eye catching. But when it comes to earn money , design does not matter.I will suggest you before monetization , make
    this website google friendly by considering On page SEO . I hope you will know about this. In case you don't
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