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Hi everyone! my friend is having an issue with an eCommerce site, she said that the site is slow (takes 20 seconds to load) and has too high latency. What do you think could be the issue? Is there a way to solve website latency and other performance problems faster? Do you think this could be a tag issue?
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    Hi Morna Donaghue,

    A lot of times the site loads slower because there are many videos or graphics on the site. You can also do a check on your internet speed at Go to internet speed test at the top of the screen and pick a location closest to you. This will tell if it is your connection that is slow. Ask someone else, a friend, ect.. to go to the site. See what happens. Hope that helps.

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    Review the ecommerce website files. Does it show any errors at Or maybe you just need more resources like try to add more storage and database resources. Try upgrading to a higher web hosting plan. See if it works.
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    I checked and it seems there is no problem with the internet speed.

    Actually, I asked my friend and he gave a piece of advice to try using this link I am not sure if I can trust this site but I will try.
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    optimize your all images using plugin like wpsmush.
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    Try analyzing it through

    I didn't see a URL posted or I would look into it. It's possible that you have broken code, large images, a lack of caching or it could be a server issue. Is this shared hosting or VPS?

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    Hi, Morna!
    What web hosting is your friend using?
    It's tooooooo much for ecommerce website.
    Maybe, there is nothing related to web design is required to solve this issue!
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    Maybe there is lot of videos on that site that could be one of the reason,maybe there is better graphics than it should be that could be the cause.
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    How about posting a link to the site? Without any information it's nearly impossible to get an idea on what's causing it.
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    i think cuz to many plugin or videos or ads
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    i have a lot of images on one of my sites (a t shirt site). it used to take forever to load but i added wpsmush and it has compressed all the images. loading times have never been so good.
    Hope this helps.

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    There are too many things that would definitely slow down your site. Like videos. If you have videos, don't upload it to your server, the best thing would be to upload it to Youtube and embed its links. Optimize all of your images and graphics. And if the problem still remains then change hosting or atleast hosting plan as if you have shared hosting, it will definitely slow down your site.
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    Do you have a bunch of plugins that are not being used? You can also compress your images, and css/js files. Also, you can take a look at your site and see what could be done with CSS instead of JS or CSS instead of Graphics. That might cut it down a bit.
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