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Hey fellow marketers.

I'm a marketer in the video graphic niche and so far I have seen some results making some digital products that have sold doing product launches. I'm now looking to do a membership site with video/photo/graphics that offers monthly or yearly subscriptions. I'm quite good with video and graphics if I say so myself and I taught my self most things about Worpress, coding my pages myself in Bootstrap and have a good knowledge on membership site creation like DAP and more. So I'm thinking about doing a stock site with one of the follwoing: photos, video or graphics. Hell maybe even all of them.

I've been googling things on this but one thing I can't find : How obtain this stock!!

Even though being a designer's going to take years to come up with let's say 1.000 elements that I would think was the minimum to get started and then add ontop of that.

Does anybody know the way to get started. Do people buy stocks with reselling rights or create them theirselves. Is drop-shipping infoproducts possible? Or should I go with inviting people to upload themselves and take a percentage? Any info welcome.

I want to get quality templates for example to sell. I guess the fastest way to grow would be to invite people to sign up as users and then let them get percentages. Is that process easy with wordpress templates these days. Is my webhost going to kil me if it's let's say - video files?

Anybody with experience. As I say, I don't need info on membership sites - I need info on "how to grow content on your membership site" because people are not going to sign up for stock sites unless they are getting a good deal with alot of quality stull.

My hosting says unlimited bandwidth and storage yari yari....but I guess a membership site like this would really test that claim

Thank you in advance!
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    I am by no means an expert in that area, but it would seem, the best way might be to have users upload and you get a percentage. But then again, you will have to really police them, and how would you know if they really had legal rights to the said file?

    As far as buying, in the IM sector, those kinds of products with resale rights are out there, but I don't know if there is enough for you. I rarely see images for example. There are quite a few graphic packages out there, I guess if you parted them out, graphic by graphic you could have quite a few. And I don't see many stock video's either.

    I don't mean to be negative, but you do realize there is HUGE competition in that market? You'd be going up against places like Getty Images, Shutterstock, Fotolia, Adobe and SO many more. Just hate to see you waste your time
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    You can divide your users in two categories or role buyer and seller and for every sell you can take your charges it would be good for you for making stock images sites.
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  • Thank you for your input. Yes, I have decided to invite people to upload their projects. Sure there is copyright issue but I would have to have them accept some terms about that before uploading - not looking to be the next megaupload
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