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Hi buddies,I'm new to this forum!
I have a question about Wordpress plugins, which plugins are best for seo optimization?
May be there is guy who has an experience with Wordpress.
I would be thankful if you can help me!
Thank you.
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    You content is the best plugin for SEO. Google doesn't crawl your website and look for the SEO plugin you have used, instead it sees whether your content is original and if your content is good enough to rank them. Stuffing keywords, creating backlinks and all that BS doesn't work anymore.

    Just write the articles yourself and be creative in what you write and you don't need to worry about SEO. However you can use the Yoast SEO plugin to setup meta description and keywords. It also analyzes your post and gives you suggestions to improve on your SEO.
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    SEO worpress plugins are good when you start, you can learn a few things from those but quickly, a well coded theme (SEO improved) and you won't need any SEO plugin anymore, one less plugin that slow down your site
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    Yoast SEO and AllinOne SEO both are good plugins for wordpress site
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    Yoast SEO is the best , you can create great articles.
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    There are lots of plugin are available for seo like Semrush,opensite explorer,Keyword Planner etc., if you want to choose either one to using your site.
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    Yoast is simply the best, just use this and you will never need to get any other SEO plugin for any of your wordpress website
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    Yoast is the best Wordpress plugin for SEO
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    Honestly...please try these 3 for yourself.

    My favorites exactly in this order:
    - SEO Framework (cleanest, most lightweight, only features you need)
    - WP All-in-One SEO (in the middle)
    - YOAST SEO (most bloated and many useless features, nagging ads)

    BEST WordPress SEO Plugins 2016 | the Vanguard Blog

    I know so many use YOAST because it's popular but I really suggest you try SEO Framework.
    Signature - Make Money with Wordpress
    Passive income since 2007. Trying to consistently crack 5-figures/month. find what you love - dream big - work hard
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  • Yoast and Linkpatrol is the best or easy Wordpress plugin for SEO
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    Yoast is the most effective wordpress seo plugin. Try it out.

    Best wishes
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    in my opinion,Yoasts WordPress SEO is a comprehensive solution for all your on-site SEO needs.It allows you to add SEO title, meta description, and meta keywords to each post and page of your site.
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    YOAST SEO plugin is one of the best plugin for SEO purpose in WordPress.
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    As per my experience All in one SEO is best for wordpress plugin for SEO. It is easy to use.
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    You can try for Yoast SEO plugin. Hope this will help you.
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    I've used Yoast on several sites with great results. I'm going to test SEO framework on a new site I'm working on.
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    Definately Yoast, no questions, hands down.
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  • i use Yoast .
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    Yoast is undoubtedly the best WP Seo plugin, said that, it is useful only when you know how to use it and optimize everything properly.
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