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Hello all,

I use Wordpress a lot. When setting up a Wordpress theme, one can see the name of the theme if they look at the source code of the web page. For example, it would look something like wp-content/<theme_name>.

It would be good to change the <theme_name> to something else. It would also be good if it was not so easy to see that I am using a Wordpress theme (or Wordpress altogether).

How can one hide this - or - at least change the name of the folder that the theme is installed in.

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    Dude even if you hide your theme people can still see if you are using Wordpress by going to yourwebsite.com/wp-admin

    Why do you want to hide the fact that you are using Wordpress anyway?

    As a Wordpress developer I've never come across this issue - you could create a bunch of dummy folders that show a Drupal site structure and then .htaccess block wp-admin etc. to redirect to not found.

    You'll also have to change wp-admin to show not found and have it as /wp-no-one-will-look-here

    But again why go through all that trouble.
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    Thanks for the response - was getting the feeling that it was somehow not a good thing for people to know you used WP (or WP them for that matter). That using it somehow turns the whole web development process into some kind of commodity.
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      WordPress is a well-established content management system, I struggle to think why it's "not a good thing" for people to know you're using it. Perhaps there are security concerns about revealing your system but if everything is up to date and the server is hardened that shouldn't be an issue.

      If you want to change the theme name, you can edit that and other meta info (description, author, etc.) in the theme's stylesheet.

      You can try changing the directory name too via FTP but this might cause layout problems depending on how the stylesheets and the relative paths/links are coded. Always backup first before messing around with all this!
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    i remember genesis framework themes have this option, go give it a try
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    There is one plugin that allows you to hide your WordPress called Hide My WP. https://codecanyon.net/item/hide-my-...dpress/4177158
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    Wordpress is one of the most common CMS's out there. If anything, I would say using Wordpress makes you look more up to date and familiar with current internet trends.
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