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I'm looking for reviews of my personal blog about experiences in domain names. I post tutorials, coupon codes and whatever else comes to mind when it comes to domain names.

In the past I have tried to start a blog about 2 - 3 times and by the 2 day I would delete them because of a number of reasons including writers block.

With this blog is different I am upto my 55th blog post one post per day sometimes when there's a deal I would post a coupon code.

I spent days looking for a theme that I really like. I had one on the site for 2 weeks then I changed it for the one I have on now. I really like the one I have now because it's soo simple and it works for me good. I like the way the post look full with just 200 - 400 words and I like the placements of the advertisements.

Mostly my blog post are around 200 - 400 with some going up as much as 900+ words.

The logo took about 10 revisions until I was left with something that I like. I might have it replaced in a few months.

I put the most important menus on top while the less important are at the bottom of the blog.

Any thoughts & opinions are appreciated.

Thank you for reading.
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