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Hi everyone

I'm writting because I wanted to know if anyone knows if Flexsqueeze 2 (WP Theme), is going to be updated, the last version 2 its from 2014.

AND, the last Twitter post from developer (there isnt any post after this one):

Ryan Grabenstein ‏@flexsqueeze 3 jul. 2014
Get ready for the FlexSqueeze 2 pre-release! You're going to love the new features and ease-of-use!
In developer site, there isnt any information about updates or dates, perhaps he abandoned the project?

I've talked with some friends that have this Theme and are facing many problems with PHP (ex: not compatible with PHP7, breaks their websites), plus problems with new plugins, google indexation, ecc), and developer doesn't answer them when they ask about updatings...,, they feel that it is completely obsolete and didn't have updates since they bought it on 2015.

We where interested on buying the theme, but after all this situation and problems, poor suport and missing updates, I think is not the best decision.

If no one knows about next Flexsqueeze update date, could you recommend us a similar theme, that offers absolute control over the web design at Wordpress, stable and normally updated? We have several websites and would need a theme that can be installed in all of them.

Thanks for your time and suggestions!
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    Ryan is still alive. I got a message from him a few days ago in response to a question. It did take a week to get the reply. I was also thinking of using Flexsqueeze, but am worried about support and updates. I'm willing to pay extra for "premium support" but that doesn't solve the problem of updates. Anyone with more recent experience?
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    try wp paper tewmplate...neve had any issues in 3 years
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      Hi! Thanks for sharing but the problem its that that theme seems for creating sales page or optin page, not for designing a nice wordpress and thats what we need, not really for sales page. The point its that we havent found a theme that can be configurable as flexsqueeze about full control in design and esthetic.

      Any idea? or suggestion?
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    No response from Flexsqueeze 2 support. Don't waste your money. Try Weaver Extreme
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    I don't try yet but mayby the Divi?
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    I have used flexsqueeze 2 on a number of sites, and found it very good at the time. However, that was a few years ago now, and things have moved on, and it looks like Flexsqueeze has not been developed. A shame really, as Ryan was well ahead of the curve 3 years ago. I have now moved on to Thrive Architect, in conjunction with Oxygen App., and find that I can build sites very quickly. I got here via Divi 3 and SiteOrigin the latter being the better of these two (I am afraid Divi is a lot of show, but with fast support to make up for the problems). But it looks like Thrive have really developed a fantastic site builder which is getting better daily. (No, I am not paid by Thrive!).
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    Has anyone heard from Ryan at Flexsqueeze? I can't contact through email or his site contact.
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    Really sad! Was a really good tool and should have been pushed onto a larger business model! It was a big package to have been kept too long (seemingly) as a sole operation.
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    flexsqueeze.com site is down too.....Where are you Ryan??!
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    I had an email back from Ryan a few days ago after I had paid for an upgrade, although he did get back to me since then after I upgraded to FlexSqueeze 2 ver 1.1 non of the features work in the editor. Really frustrating. I have emailed him back encouraging him to continue and help resolve this issue, but have had nothing back since. What similar theme if any has people moved on to?
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      Hi. I still use Flexsqueeze ver 2 on some sites since it's easier to keep it in place. I've tried different theme replacements. Some doing the latest fancy visuals. Overall I'm most happy with GeneratePress Premium.

      Great for marketing. Trimmed down, loads fast if you need it for paid traffic. The code is excellent and the customer service is fast. Stays up to date on the latest wordpress updates. Been happy for 2 years now with them. Real inexpensive for what you get.
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