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i have some skills in web design and building and i've found a local business who's website is ok but its not got a clean design and is certainly not a responsive website.

this would be my first website i build for someone else other than myself,

my question to you guys
Q) is charging around £600 (give or take) for the full website design and build too high/low or is it about right and
what do you think about charging around £20 month to host/manage it a fair price.

i would like to hear you opinions

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    It depends on where you are marketing and how you are marketing you services and how your clients think about their website. I worked with some company who charge much much more than that and also found some people sell their services at the base price. I personally do not take a web design project below $2000 and $200/month for maintenance. That is my base price and I have a very specific target group where I offer my services. Here are few factors while you market your sites...

    1. Some places/niches do not pay well so choose your niche wisely.
    2. How your client react with their site? Do they love their site? If so, they will pay you more.
    3. Your marketing approach should be based on some real value. Ask your self, why your clients will not get low cost services and instead will get your services ( There are always low cost services and make sure that you represent yourself with most positive way to get the project. )

    P.S. I found clients from UK always try to go for cheaper options. May be it is my luck but that is what I experienced so far.

    Hope this helps
    Sabbir H
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    thanks for your helpful reply.

    i'm not planning on going international. i'm just testing the water, giving myself an extra employable skill/option in life since my marketing sites are taking their time to grow.

    the website i'm looking at is in the luxury cosmetic niche and there website is dated badly yet their service* is top notch and i've checked out other local sites (in the same niche) in the area which look 10x better and i know i can build a website as good as these sites.
    *i have dealings with this business so they know me which i hope will help me win them over for me to build them a new site.

    i feel i can bring them value and improve their business with my site design and this is a business in an expensive niche.

    by the sounds of it i should certainly charge a lot more and i know they make a lot of money so in theory they can afford an expensive site, its just weather they'll want it or pay for it.

    ps. yeah that sounds like the UK, they always want it for nothing.
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    just came across a website building services in the niche and there charging 2K - 3k +
    good insight especially since most websites never show you how much they charge and checking out their porfolio i can certainly match their level of work.

    so does this mean i can get away with charging 2K+?

    any tips on how to value my income
    even if i'm building and designing a page, surly i cant justify 200+ a page can i?
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    if your niche have money (otherwise don't go there) you should definitively charge more than 1K, you'll get better clients and more of them.
    Stop Struggling With Your Website and Marketing
    30$ / task, pay after done!
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    niche business, they do private work and they charge a fortune ( i should know, good work of course but still)
    i can match the niche websites which are being made for over 2K
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    If it is simple website than price is okay and to manage as well your quote is fine!

    Let me know if you are requiring help regarding website designing or development.
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