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I have posted several times about a "web designer" who has caused my a lot of trouble. I paid him $750.

I ended up building a very nice looking web site (invested hundreds of hours) on my own.

I did good keyword work but was struggling with back links.

He offered to help with the backlinks, and stupid me gave him one more chance.

Big mistake. I now need to migrate my whole site over to either Bluehost or another hosting service. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Update: It looks like I am going to use UpDraft.

    The free version only save onto the existing host.

    The premium version allows me to save in the cloud or a separate post.

    Any advice is appreciated.
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    I am an expart web developer, could do well all these things. If you are looking for a professional, you can contact me.

    Now I am trying to solve your problem. To transfer a website from one hosting to another, You will have to follow the steps bellow

    1. Go to your older cpanel then file manager
    2. Select all of your files and make them compressed. Then down load the zip file to your PC.
    3. Then go to phpmyadmin and export the database to your Pc.
    4. Go to the cpanel of your new hosting then file manager. Select the upload the zip file that was down loaded from older one. Then extract the zip file. Remember one thing that never reload main domain.
    5. Go to the mysql database and create database name, user name and password. Then add the user name and database together from the option “Add a User to Database” .
    6. Go to the phpmyadmin and import the database that you downloaded to new database. Go to Wp-options table and change the url (there remains the older url so you put the new url there).
    7. Then go to Wp-config.php file and edit the database name, username and password(delete the older names and put the new database name, username and password).
    Now your website is transferred to new hosting.
    Note: Plese go to the dash board check the url. If it is ok then every thing will be ok.

    Shahed Zaman
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    Hi Shaheed

    Thanks for good instruction for migrating website where you have access to both host's cPanel.

    Do you have any advise for migrating site created and hosted free with wix.com where I do not have aceess to cPanel to another host with cPanel and more under my control.
    Muddaiah Jayaram
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    Why dont you just get a new account with your current host and let them migrate the site for you.
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