What are the 5 Best Html5 frameworks for build a responsive mobile Apps.

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These days, smartphones are more than just phones- they are disruptive, networked multimedia devices, and in the years to come they will get even more advanced. Html5 is latest technologies for build a responsive mobile apps. It helps in mobile app development with responsive and unique design.

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    The best 5 are:
    1.Twitter Bootstrap.
    4.HTML5 Boilerplate.
    5.HTML KickStart.
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    "FOUNDATION" is the one of the best responsive framework and i used my client websites so, you just try this framework.
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    Here is my list

    Sencha Touch
    Onsen UI
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      sorry gentleman am not see your post.
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    I vote for Bootstrap and Foundation. I prefer Bootsrap thow.
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    Hi, Best frameworks for responsive mobile apps are:
    1-IONIC is one of the most promising HTML 5 mobile application frameworks.
    2-Mobile Angular UI is an HTML 5 framework which uses bootstrap 3 and AngularJS to create interactive mobile apps.
    3-Intel XDK is a cross-platform application tool developed by Intel.
    4-Titanium is an open source mobile application framework .

    Creative Designer and Developer !

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    Hi Justi,

    Here is 5 best Html5 frameworks for build responsive mobile apps.

    1. Sencha Touch
    2. NimbleKit
    3. jQuery Mobile
    4. Titanium
    5. M-Project

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    Most popular and everyone uses bootstrap.You can make it mobile responsive easily.
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    Foundation, Bootstrap, Susy (not 5 I know, just three I've used) imho Foundation has a better grid system than bootstrap and Susy - they are all great though!
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