How Do I Do This to My Categories in Wordpress?

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I've got a wordpress blog and have started to add categories and posts but have come unstuck.

I used a Category widget which I named 'Categories'. Sp far so good.

Then I want to add 3 more categories, at least, with 2 of them having sub-categories.

For example:

Budget Articles - as a main category with sub categories of say, Acne - budget
Fitness - Budget

Premium Articles - as a main category with sub-catgories of say,
Health - premium
Weight loss - premium
Yoga - premium

How do I do this?

I seem to have managed it with the weight loss and premium category where I use Premium articles as the parent category. When I try to do the same with the Budget articles as parent and others as sub-headings it doesn't appear to be working as I want.

Should I be using a separate widget with the category titles or doing something different to them?

Any help much appreciated.

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    Hi Mary,

    I'm not sure why you are using a "category widget". From what it sounds like you are trying to achieve, you should be able to do this with the standard Wordpress functionality.

    Within Posts > Categories you can set up as many categories and sub-categories as you like.

    Hope this helps.

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      Hi John

      If I don't use the category widget how do I get 'Categories' as the 'title' of my category list?

      For the actual categories I'm using the post-> categories etc but it's not working for the budget articles.

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      Not sure if I can have that in my post though on here.

      I just want you to look at the category listings and see where I might be going wrong.

      Many thanks

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    gvie Debra a shout out...she is on the forum and that is her user name. She knows this stuff

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      First go and check whether your "Budget" Category has a parent category or not, it should not, it needs to be the parent, then when you add posts for the budget category and you want them to be in their own category, you make the new category and then make it's parent category that of "Budget".

      I think that is what you are trying to ask us.

      Also, when you then add the category widget to your sidebar, presume you are doing that from APPEARANCE/WIDGETS, click the right hand end of the widget once you have dropped it into the sidebar and see if you have options to make the categories into drop down menus, show hierarchy, that kind of thing.

      If that does not work, come back and post what you did.

      I see you are using a Flexibility theme too, I have used that one a couple of times, nice theme

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    Hi Mary,

    to create categories, go to 'Post' in your WordPress and click 'Categories'. You will be brought to a new page called 'Categories' page.

    Here you can add in new categories for your WordPress blog.

    For example, you want to add in "Budget Articles" as a new category.

    1) Type 'Budget Articles' in the Category Name.

    2) Type 'budget-articles' in the category slug, as this will be shown as the category URL.

    3) Click Add Category, and you have created and saved a new category.

    The above is adding new category, if you want to add sub-category, here are the procedure:

    1) Type 'Fitness' in the Category Name.

    2) Type 'fitness' in the category slug, as this will be shown as the category URL.

    3) Choose 'Budget Articles' as the parent category for 'Fitness'.

    4) Click Add Category and you have created a new sub-category.
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    • Profile picture of the author Mary Gallivan
      Thanks everyone - that's done the trick!

      I hadn't used the 'show hierarchy' in the category widget.

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