Which one is better for SEO Wordpress or Wix?

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Hi everyone, i have been using wix for a while and its been quite good to me, had no real issues with it.

I have been told by lots of people i should switch over to Wordpress as the SEO is better for ranking...is this true?

I wanted to start a website promoting Music Artist (Videos) is it best i go for a Blog style website to give it a different look or do i stick to a normal video layout website?

I feel wordpress has huge potential but it looks very limited. I have gone through most of the interface and you can barely do anything to your website but change fonts, logo, background and thats it. The themes are nowhere near as good as Wix Free themes. I was told Wordpress is free also but how can it be when you need to sign up to a monthly hosting.

can anyone help with which idea i should go for..?

Thank you
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    Wordpress is not free because you need hosting but with wix, but don't you need to pay for a domain? Also you can download themes and plugins to customise Wordpress.
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    You can get good hosting at low cost. Wordpress is very versatile because of its community, themes and the plugins. Whether it is worth moving away from WIX depends on how comfortable you can be with Wordpress.

    Hope that helps.
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    WordPress is Better Then WIX for SEO :

    Here Is Why ?

    - Free Plugins
    - Self Hosted CMS
    - Easy Customization
    - Database Access
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      I can only endorse this. Also you have much more control of your future options as time changes. You need to build your own brand
      with your own domain. The best pace to start is with a personal blog with your own hosting using Wordpress.

      Get Your Mind-set Right - Take Consistent Action
      Connect with the right people

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    WordPress is the most widely used platform for application development and it is more flexible than Wix. You can easily customize the wordpress applications. While Wix provide limited customize-ability

    Since Wix doesnt open its platform to external developers, they control all aspects of the platform so they manage all the updates and maintenance activities for you.In WordPress, you are responsible for maintaining everything.

    WordPress is also more flexible than Wix, when it comes to SEO.
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    WordPress is an open source platform, Hence their codes are open to everybody to use and modify. Any programmers/developer can use WordPress to create a website and install SEO plugins with free of cost, or to be purchased for a fee & also WordPress offers many SEO friendly plugins. So Definitely WordPress is better for SEO compression to Wix.
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    If want earning then Wordpress is a good option for you, a little bit investment for domain and hosting is nothing. Wordpress is so simple to manage your data. Don't ever go for any free domain and hosting otherwise at the end you will realize that you have wasted your time and gained nothing.
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    Both are awesome. But I prefer WordPress as it has enormous free SEO plugins. To be mentioned, Yoast, All-in-one is great. I personally use Yoast SEO plugins. It has page SEO status indicator so that you would be informed about your SEO status. It will let you add focus keyword, Title Tags, Meta Description. So that you can customize your page meta for SEO campaign. Additionally, Yoast has a strong admin panel where you can add your site info. You will see once you set up.
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    i don't believe in wich script is best for SEO, just get good content good coding website and very well SEO promoter
    Besty Goods - Free shipping store
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  • Wordpress is much more effective than wix but when you use wordpres, you will need to buy domain but in-case of wix you won't need to buy domain. But when you use wordpress you will get lots of tools which will help you to customize your website properly and easily.
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    WordPress is easy to manage and you can get help from several communities that providing tutorial based customization services for WordPress blogging and website development.
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    While Wix has significantly improved its SEO capabilities in the last few months, it can never match up with the customization options and flexibility that comes with WordPress.

    But also keep in mind that with great power comes great responsibility. The more control you have over things, the more you'll feel like tinkering with them without going through a proper learning curve. And if you don't know what you're doing, you're likely to break something.

    For basic SEO needs, it's better to stay with Wix and let them take care of stuff you'd rather not want to worry about. The basic stuff like image alt tags, meta title, making a page non-indexable etc. can be done from Wix itself without any technical knowledge.
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    WordPress is best for SEO. I personally re-command you to use WordPress. There are many feature in WordPress then Wix.
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    It depends for what purpose you want. But I think what ever purpose you are using its not temporary, one question ll be there once it grows.. so that time it will be a problem As you will have all the link juice etc to your wix hosting, with Wordpress or any such CMS, you cant get it back. So its better to have your own set up now, yes lil cost but you can start building your subscriber.

    ClickPoint Solution
    Website Design Company, India

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    Without any doubt wordpress is the best. We have a lot of plugins in

    wordpress. Yoast is the plugin for better seo. This plugin will show us

    how much our content is friendly for seo. Moreover we have a lot of options

    in wordpress. I will suggest wordpress.
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    wordpress better then Wix for SEO.

    because of word press free you use plugins withou paying.while wix you have to pay for using Wix.
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    hello friends
    wordpress is better for seo because it is having high page authority and domain authority, It is very good point of view according to seo.
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    I use Wordpress for many of the reasons mentioned here. But just thought I'd throw in a aside for your consideration. The best platform from an SEO perspective is Google's Blogger. It may have something to do with giving Blogger something over the competition or it just may be simplicity triumphing over more complex models. Yes, Blogger is not the most attractive format and it looks so 90s, but you'd be amazed how many successful marketing gurus are still using it.
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    WordPress is better in terms of SEO because it does not only have a solid SEO-friendly platform, but it also provide free and paid plugins like Yoast SEO that can be used to fully increase your website's search engine rankings.
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    Wordpress websites are much better than Wix, because WP is more SEO friendly than Wix and number of helpful SEO plugins are available for free, such as all-in-one seo, Yoast, reduce bounce rate and much more. These plugins are the main reasons for choosing wordpress.
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    Wordpress, Wordpress, Wordpress!

    Not only is Wordpress much better for SEO, it's a more secure and reputable platform for your business.

    You can set up Wordpress for free and choose a free theme or plugins. All you would have to pay for would be hosting and a domain name.

    You say that Wordpress offers limited customisation, but I would strongly disagree. Check out Themeforest for additional themes. Yes, you will have to pay, but they range from around $16 - $50 and most of them have technical support. If you don't mind learning basic HTML and CSS, you can use coding to customise your Wordpress website.

    For SEO, look into Yoast SEO, many digital marketers and SEO professionals use this plugin to help with their SEO and it's free.

    There are loads of resources out there to learn how to use Wordpress. I taught myself from just watching Youtube videos and was up and using it in no time.

    I really would try and not use Wix, as for a business website it doesn't make a very good impression of your business.
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    You should really switch to WordPress.
    Wix and SEO is a terrible combination.

    Wix SEO is absolutely fine for 90% of website projects, but it has a couple of issues. Take into account these Wix SEO tips:

    1. Wix adds some gibberish (e.g. "/single-post/2017/01/03/") to the individual URL post structure, which is not exactly great for SEO. Unfortunately, this can't be removed and will make it harder for your posts to rank well. Additionally, we haven't found a way to optimize tags and categories for the blog. Therefore, if you need an extremely SEO-friendly blogging platform, Wix isn't the best choice.

    2. Product pages' titles, descriptions and URLs are automatically pulled from the products' information that you add. This is a poisoned chalice, you might think this saves you time but it means that you lose SEO control over your site.

    Read complete article here.
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    Wordpress is more Flexible and there are many plugins available for customization. SEO Plugin Yoast SEO are help to manage your site SEO point of view.

    Nowadays websites created with Wix are also SEO Friendly and to prove that recently they run SEO Hero Competition http://www.wix.com/wix-lp/seo-heroes

    but I woluld like to recommend WordPress.
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    Try the free seo plugins
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