Do websites need maintaince ?

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- What kind, how big, a website needs to be in order to be ongoing maintenance?
- What kind of maintenance it needs ?

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    As now a days seo points of view new content needed for any kind of website. So any size of website you have, its recommended to update on a regular basis.

    Majorly website updation comes under regular maintenance. It also includes regular backup, upgrade technology, plugins etc, removing and redirecting unwanted and outdated content/pages are the part of website maintenance.

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    Yes, maintenace doesn't only mean checking up the site.
    It means making changes as the trend change.

    For instance; Nowadays, trend is mobile friendly or responsive website and if the website doesn't respond to the other devices, It will effect your website performance overall.
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    Of course, is that even a question! A website needs proper maintenance like content curation, constant monitoring, updating etc. to keep it going. Maintenance is key to make it secure also. You just can't leave anything without care after creating it.
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    Every website require maintenance because of the changing designing trends and in order to improve the overall website. Even a website require constant monitoring to be secure from the online threats. Business companies constantly make changes in the website design/functionality to increase the product sales and to drive more traffic to their website. Some companies even use A/B testing on the website and they compare the two versions of the website and select the one with most conversion rate.
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    Yes all websites need maintenance for a whole host of things which will totally depend on what business your in and what you require from your site. Plus in this day and age you need to be mobile optimised too and you have to add new content to keep your visitors coming to your site to keep them Engadget . it's also important to be SEO optimised so you can reach the first page of google to get traffic. You can look online too find a list of ongoing maintenance your site needs. Hope it helps
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    Yes, if any new browser update come which do not support your website then in that case you need maintenance.
    You have to keep your website updated with time and browser updates and always check whether the website is working properly or not, If not then correct the errors.
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    Fresh Content.

    For your online business presence, make sure you're giving your readers a reason to come back. No one wants to read the same content week after week or be looking at outdated information about an event that happened 3 months ago

    Website Speed.

    There may be a whole host of reasons why your pages may not be loading fast. Slow server, improperly optimized pages or images, broken links, etc. Slow pages can happen at any time and the only way you'd know there is an issue is if you've got a regularly planned maintenance on your site
    Website Backup.

    System and Plug-in Updates.

    The reason for the constant updates is to not only keep up with the latest hardware requirements but also to keep up with the new coding requirements. Also the plugin you downloaded last week may have had a bug and if you don't install the new update, it may mess with your entire site. In some cases, your entire site may cease to work properly unless you update the platform.

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