When is better way to build a website: Hand coding or using a CMS ?

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What type of websites are better handcoded ?

What about listing websites such as www.coldwellbanker.com ?
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    Hi Gangsterpart,

    If you are new to the world of coding, I would suggest you use CMS rather than coding the whole thing on your own.

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    What about listing websites such as www.coldwellbanker.com ?
    well you can create this kinds of site to through CMS. But its require strong knowledge for customize it. And you have to buy a theme. I think theme have inbuilt this kinds of feature. you just have to cusutomize according your need if you want something different. You will get many themes link when google - theme for purchase, buy, rent homes - in less than $100
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    doing that hand coding will be way too much costy, find a theme for wordpress, that`s the easiest and better solution
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    Hand coded websites demands more time and money while using CMS for website creation gives us opportunity to design the website without starting from scratch. CMS allows us to focus on main business logic rather than designing and other small functionality. So wise choice for website development is using CMS.
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    Using CMS means by using good responsive wordpress plugin is a better way to build a website..
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    I would suggest you hand coding is better.
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    Use CMS for website development because hand coding is just a waste of time. Consider if you are building a car so for that you don't have to rediscover wheel.
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    Based on the Service of the website, you can choose the way.

    Your reference website is "Real-Estate" based, so my suggestion is go with CMS


    1. You can manage the content easily
    2. SEO friendly pages
    3. More plugin available for more features of website
    4. Low Development cost


    1. Make sure the security of website ,because simple wordpress can be hacked by Well hacker in a minute

    2. if you need to add any code at any pages particularly - you need to work more (as compare to core page)

    That's it in my mind

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    For a listings type website, go for a CMS either a dedicated listing template or WordPress with a plugin for your type of listing.

    There are good dedicated CMS real estate templates available, some are free and WordPress real estate listings are available for about $60.

    Handcoded HTML sites are good for a static site where you are not going to make many regular changes but for listings type sites you need a database-driven site, hence CMS is the way to go.

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    I am going to disagree with everyone here if you are thinking about building a broker's site like Coldwell Banker. I am a software dev for 25 years. By "handcoded" you mean a fully custom web application, this is one.
    I am going to guess that they have a staff of at least 25 people to maintain it = $2M+ salary. Programmers, database, designers, and content people. It certainly took over 6 months to design. There are 12 languages and 100 currencies. There are 25 pages in the front menu, plus local pages for 50 cities and many countries.
    Most of the work is in the pages you don't see, the administration pages that are used internally for CMS, property tracking, MLS sync, advertising, translations, maintenance. Wordpress is a tiny CMS where the content is one web post. A broker's site will have CMS for hundreds of places to update content. There are special systems for multi million dollar revenue company websites.
    Even a new real estate broker in a small city would need a complicated custom system, there are RE specialists.
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    If you want a basic website with custom simple features like managing website content, simple buy and selling then go for CMS like wordpress, magento, etc. These CMS provide already created admin panel, and get get custom features by installing plugins and components.
    If you want own custom website with custom admin panels and features then go for hand coding or core coding. From start to end you have to write own code which take time but you get all the features you want by own coding. Or you can hire software programmers from any IT company like Chetu Inc.
    Complex and hand coding is also possible in CMS. If you or your developer have good knowledge of programming then they can add their own code in CMS also.
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    It depends on how much customization you want. Frankly, I don't see any reason to hand code a website from scratch when you have WordPress, Joomla, Ning, or Magneto to pick from. Large companies like Coldwellbanker that pay hundreds of thousands for handcoded site either need to specialize their security, or, they have stupid people in their marketing department who don't know better than to overpay for something they could have gotten for a fraction of the price.
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