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Hello evreyone ,
I'm a front-end developer , i search a method for get project from freelancer . what is the best methods ?
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    Try site like,
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      Hey , thank you for reply my message , but what i want a methods to get a direct client .
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    Step out or open your social network or contact list.
    Find a person who has a strong/medium network of people who may need your service.
    Make a list of those people and contact them(a few).
    Convince them that they need a website/software either for business purpose or prestige and then tell them that you will make their website/software for free (if they don't already have one).
    Make them happy. In return ask them to tell their friends about you and give them your card.

    Once done, put that work on your own personal website(if you don't have make one) and advertise yourself.

    Getting clients is not making pancakes. The first 10 would be hard(that's why i suggested working for a few for free).
    Once you make them happy, they will bring you clients believe me.
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      Hi , thank you for advice , i will try this method , but how i can find persons ??
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    just call local business, nothing easier if you know your thing..
    I usually cal 20 business, talk to 3-4 peoples and sell 1-2 website
    That's not the stats you'll have, i do that for 30 years, i'm a top seller, have a brand that back me up, big portfolio and know marketing inside out...
    you could do 1 sale / 100 call if you'r good + charge higher, that's better for your brand (little above what other charge..)
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