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Hello there,

I'm looking to start creating landing pages, so i would like to know if it is a good option to
create it using fiverr?

Also i'll be thank full if you could tell me about a good plugin to create squeeze pages no more than 40$? as leadpage and the others are expensive for me.

Thanks in advance
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    Anything on Fiverr is hit and miss.

    It looks like things have improved a bit since they started allowing the sale of higher priced services - I stopped using it for years but gave it another go recently and was surprised by the quality that was produced (by a fellow Warrior, in fact).

    Personally, I'd only buy from top rated sellers, with a proven track record and 100% feedback.
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    I wouldn't put my squeeze pages into the hands of someone on Fiverr. I suggest you study some courses on that, look at what appear to be successful squeeze pages from important companies or people you know and try and emulate that.

    Try the Alex Becker Academy: The AB Academy - A $400k Per Online Business Broken Down

    The first few videos are free and they cover his 80% optin rate template, you can try that, worked well for me.
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      Hello Eduard,

      Which tool do you use to create your squeeze pages?
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    There are free ones that even a monkey could do
    WP Optin was one I used a lot in past.
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    If you know Wordpress use WP Optin. If not pay the money for something like leadpages or unbounce. It is really easy to learn has all the tools you need for tracking users/optins etc and most importantly it is really easy to change something, tweak your copy or A/B test. With something from fiverr and not knowing how to do it by yourself you will be running back to fiverr in no time.
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    @tripwhite - Once you have a template you're happy with you can tweak the rest yourself.
    Complete Blogging Course and List Building Kit:
    100% FREE Download - Click HERE

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    Personally, this works for me well:
    Lot's of features for $18, it worth it. couldn't create one ugly page using it !!
    They are building WP version, no ETA though.
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    Yes.. you can use for creating landing pages. fiverr is a biggest platform in the world. personaly I'm satisfied form firverr Quality services.
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    Hi tripwhite,

    There are a lot of ways to save money, however scrimping on your Landing Page might not be the wisest move.

    Of all the tools you need to make money online, your landing page may be the most critical part of your system. By short-changing your Landing Page quality and effectiveness you will end up wasting money in all of your marketing efforts because it will have been wasted if your Landing page is anything other than superior in every aspect.

    I suggest you rethink the ideal of going cheap on your Landing Pages, instead, think in terms of getting the best value, not the lowest price.

    If a landing page built on the Instapage generates 10 times the revenue is it not worth a bit higher cost? And yes, you can expect that kind of a difference in value between a low cost solution vs. a top tier option.

    I am not saying that a lower cost solution cannot be effective, just that you are going to have to make up the difference in expert knowledge and longer development time, which will be far costlier than just purchasing the superior product with all that expertise already baked-in. If you already have that knowledge then you don't need anything beyond notepad to create it, so no need to purchase anything at all.

    I have that knowledge and expertise, yet I still prefer to use the costlier solutions because they actually save me a lot of time and money, far more than the service actually costs. For me it is about the value vs. the cost. The cheapest solutions are often the most expensive in the long run. Go for superior value, not for cheapness, you won't regret it.

    My agency uses all of the top tier landing page creator tools, by far the favorite among the staff is Instapage, best-in-class editor and the results speak for themselves, my inbox is loaded down with high value leads with the subject line: "Lead notification from Instapage"


    Don Burk
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